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MVP Baseball 2008

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I'm just kinda wondering, if this is possible. I wondered if when you release the new Total Conversion Mod's of MVP BB. Be it it 2006, 2007, or probably even next year 2008. If it would be possible to impliment into the download a Save file, where the user can start right from that given season!?

Example - Starting this season in 2007 from the save file, with The White Sox Having been the champs in 05', and The Cards having been the champs in 06'. And everyone's stats in place.

Not so much for the reasoning of the actual teams that won having the spots, but what got me thinking on this idea was that, When I start play in the 07' Conversion with all the players stats updated, the game thinks your still in the 05' season and my players batting stats will be like 9.888 Bat Avg. and double the HR's and whatnot.

I'd like to be able to start with the new look in a season, from a save point of that current season, and... the current rosters of that season - without the stats doubling over.

Anyone???? Just a long shot!!!

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You could also utilize the 07-maker that came with the mod. That will place you in year 2007 with your selected team.

Another option is to use Tywiggins' schedule updater. That will do the needful as well.

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