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MVP 1988


Do you think MVP 88 is a good idea?  

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I know you're going to think I'm crazy, but what if there was a mod with 120 different teams spanning the early 1900's all the way up to 2001? We could have realistic uniforms, oldtime stadiums, a few portraits here or there, some cyberfaces and perhaps we could get a name or two announced.

Nah - no one could never pull THAT off...... :lol:

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If you're not already working on it, then it would be GREAT!

-Kirk Gibson

-A hilarious race in the AL East

-And much much more

This guy makes this sound like an advertisement for a new movie.

And what was so "hilarious" about the 1988 AL East race? I remember that year well. I don't remember anything that was funny about it.

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Man, What ever you guys do --- Just Don't Wake Me from the Dream !!!

The Best of the Best Oldtime Teams from 1900 through the turn of the next Century with ALL those Bells & Whistles ............

1961 - 1967 - 1978 - 1987 -1988 -1994 Full Seasons .............

Let me enjoy this dream for a Life Time !!!

But REALLY --- IF this would ever by the wildest chance actually happen --- I would just HAVE TO Find the time to Enjoy all this Stuff --- Looks like it's closer & closer to retirement time unless I actually wake up from this DREAM !!!

Like is GOOD ---- Please let me NOT WAKE UP to face the REAL WORLD !!!

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