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New FOX Division Series Overlay!


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Excellent job on the OL! By the way trues, have you ever seen the Yankee Stadium mod that was on kc's old site? I think its the best version of it around. No more " aint baseball great" garbage! It would be a great addition to this site?.?.?

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hey trues heres some screenshots of the new tbs overlay... sorry about the poor quality.




I still like the original tbs one you did

its damn amazing i still use it today

this is curtesy of Fraps and MLB.TV

Trues reply when you get this. thanks buddy

i dunno what the hell i am doing

here are the links




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hmmm.... That's the same overlay they used last year. I did make that overlay for High Heat last year. I'll take a look at the files I have and see if they can be used.

Here's a pic of the one I did for High Heat....

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Sorry, Haven't had any time yet to look. I've been working on the new NLCS & ALCS Fox overlays.

Hey Trues, while you're at it, it'd be cool if you can make the new Fox overlay with the generic MLB on FOX logo since this is most likely the graphics Fox is going to use next year as well during the reg season.

how about one for World Series (i would guess would be similar to Division Series but replace Division with World)?

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