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Fake Names To Real Names.


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Hi everyone,

i was wondering if anyone was making

a patch with all the real names of the

minor league prospects instead

of the lame fake names.

Or does such a thing already exist?

Please let me know. ;)

thx in advance


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I've seen people say on this forum that that is not the case for the PC game.

Name editing is limited to about 150 times, from what I learned in the data structure of roster.iff.

If you are able to edit the roster.iff directly, then there's no limit off course,

but that's another story.

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i was just wondering if someone was making a thing like that, thats all.

I believe Snash is at least changing some of the prospect names if not all,

so thats possitive.

Thats what someone is gonna have to be willing to do. Edit all the fake players names for the real ones. It's gonna be a major undetaking to say the least. Snash has done a few with his new roster, but I've noticed some holes in his as well. I just want the correct players on their respective teams. Might be asking for too much lol.

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snash13 has been working on one and I have been also. Trying to figure out who is who is very time consuming and you can only create so many players. I started creating players thinking I would just replace all the fake players with real ones. That was a no go. After about 20 players I couldnt create any more. I started researching trying to figure out the names to be changed. Alot of them you can find in a thread in here on roster updates by snash.

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