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Cleaning A Hdtv Screen


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U need a Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Amazon sell it http://www.amazon.com/Audiovox-Surface-SURF302-Microfiber-Cleaning/dp/B001EXDL7G

And some form of compressed gas to dislodge particulates on your screen.

Add to your manpower and water and U good to go.

I feel sorry for any screens that are cleaned using "compressed gas" and "manpower" - and their owners, as they'll be replacing that new TV much sooner than they would otherwise if they had cleaned it correctly.

"Compressed gas" - partly correct, but only if used correctly. You need compressed air, which you can get from most hardware retailers, almost any decent computer store or probably even a Wal-Mart, however, how you use it is much more important. Don't spray it directly onto the screen, it should only be used to clean out large pieces of dust or solid objects, for example, on the frame between the screen and the outlying plastics and to clear dust from the air vents. The can gets extremely cold when used, and, as such, the air that comes from the can is not only very cold, but as some containers don't have pressure regulators on the cap, it often comes out at very high pressure, which not only can, but will damage the screen if sprayed directly onto it.

"Manpower" - no. Just no. If you're using any pressure at all on the screen, you're using too much. Place the cloth on the screen and move it lightly across the surface of the screen. You're clearing excess dust from a delicate screen, not using elbow grease to wipe a stubborn stain from a tabletop.

I usually use the little towel thing HDTV's come with to clean the screen.

Probably your best bet if you get a cloth with the TV, however, be careful. In some cases, the cloths than manufacturers provide are less than perfect, and in some cases, can damage the screens just as much as a cheap rag from a discount store. For example, when I was doing research on my new TV, I found out that the microfibre cloth that Samsung provide with the TV has actually been seen to cause tiny scratches, so continuous use will end up causing damage to not only the plastic frame surrounding the screen, but also the screen itself.

If it's a TFT or LCD screen, you'd use the same type of cloths and methods to clean this as a TV - a thin, electrostatic microfibre cloth. If it's actually stained as opposed to just dusty, you can use a very small amount of clean water and clean the screen equally and evenly, and make sure you don't leave excess water on the screen, and that when you're done, there aren't any streaks on the screen. If there are, try to get rid of them, but remember not to use excess pressure. Always try to remove dust and dirt with the cloths alone before introducing water - or any other liquid.

Please don't do what my sister did with her LCD TV - use regular household glass cleaner on the screen and plastics. Still works, but the screen looks like crap in normal room light. Also, do not even go near your TV with any alcohol-based cleaning products.

One thing that helps a lot is actively trying to prevent excess dust getting on the screen in the first place. Don't become too anal about it, it;'s not worth going crazy over, but it's a hell of a lot easier to clean a little dust over a short time than a lot of dust over a lot of time.

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