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Trying To Repair Our Wings - A Toronto Blue Jays Franchise


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HI! I, Caboose have taken place of the GM position of the Toronto Blue Jays! I will take them through seasons and I will share it with you guys at MVP Mods! I'm not good in Photoshop so don't expect anything flashy. Also I am not copying DJEagle's One either this is completely different

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Starting Lineup:

CF Jacoby Ellsbury 85

2B Aaron Hill 88

DH Adam Lind 85

1B Derek Lee 89

3B Chipper Jones 86

C Victor Martinez 88

RF Jermaine Dye 82

LF Travis Snyder 77

SS Omar Infante 75

On The Bench:

C Miguel Olivo 79

C Jose Molina 65

1B Randy Ruiz 75

1B Bob Blevins 67*

1B Tommy Halper 66*

2B Jarrett Hoffpauir 70*

2B Marco Seanez 69*

2B Jay Abbott 66*

3B Ted Beck 68*

SS John McDonald 75

SS Mike McCoy 67*

RF Jorge Padilla 66*

CF Joey Gathright 72*

CF Jermy Reed 71

CF Barbaro Duckett 65*

CF Aaron Gosling 64*

Colour Key

Black: On the MLB Roster in the Regular Season

Red:Going to get Sent Down to AAA/AA/A at the start of the season

* Beside the Overall rating and name: A rookie eligible player

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Starting Pitching:

1 Cole Hamels 87

2 Yovani Gallardo 87

3 Jarrod Washburn 81

4 Pedro Martinez 79

5 Ricky Romero 77


LR Casy Janssen 72

LR David Purcey 70

LR Marc Rzepczynski 68

LR Scott Richmond 66

LR Luke Gregerson 80

LR John Smoltz 79

MR Jessie Carlson 73

MR Jeremy Accardo 69

SU J.C. Romero 71

CL Trevor Hoffman 87

Colour Key

Black: On the MLB Roster in the Regular Season

Red:Going to get Sent Down to AAA/AA/A at the start of the season

* Beside the Overall rating and name: A rookie eligible player

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The Transactions

Febuary 26: Blue Jays Sign RF Jermain Dye to a 1 Year $4.56 Million Contract

Blue Jays Sign SP Jarrod Washburn to a 1 Year $1.51 Million Contract

March 14: Blue Jays Sign SP Pedro Martinez to a 1 Year $6.80 Million Contract

March 19: Blue Jays made a trade with the Atlanta Braves

Braves Receive: 3B Edwin Encarnacion, SP Brandon Morrow, 2B Rickie Arrita

Blue Jays Receive: 3B Chipper Jones, INF Omar Infante

Blue Jays made a trade with the Colorado Rockies

Rockies Receive: SP Brian Tallet, C John Buck

Blue Jays Receive: C Miguel Olivo

March 20: Blue Jays made a trade with the Boston Red Sox

Red Sox Receive: CF Vernon Wells, SS Alex Gonzalez, SP Dana Eveland

Blue Jays Receive: C Victor Martinez, OF Jacoby Ellsbury

Blue Jays Sign SP/RP John Smoltz to a 1 Year $6.53 Million Contract

Blue Jays made a trade with the Philidelphia Phillies

Phillies Receive: SP Shaun Marcum, RP Kevin Gregg, RP Shaun Camp

Blue Jays Receive: SP Cole Hamels, RP J.C. Romero

Blue Jays made a trade with the Milwaukee Brewers:

Brewers Receive: SP Dustin McGowan, SP Jessie Litch, RP Scott Downs

Blue Jays Receive: SP Yovani Gallardo, RP Trevor Hoffman

March 24: Blue Jays made a trade with the Chicago Cubs

Cubs Receive: 1B Lyle Overbay, 3B Jose Bautista, C Raul Chavez

Blue Jays Receive: 1B Derrek Lee

March 27: Blue Jays made a trade with the San Diego Padres

Padres Receive: RP Jason Frasor, SP Shaun Hill (from Las Vegas 51s AAA)

Blue Jays Receive: Luke Gregerson

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How Good Statistically the Whole Team Ranks so Far


Top 6 Teams In the Grapefruit Leauge


Top 5 leaders in certain stats in the Grapefruit Leauge that contain the Jays:


Hits: Jacoby Ellsbury - Rank 5 - # of Hits: 35

Average: Aaron Hill - Rank: 5 - Average: .352

Singles: Ellsbury - Rank: 1 - 3 of Singles: 30

Home Runs: Aaron Hill - Rank: 2 - # of Home Runs: 9 -- Derrek Lee - Rank: T3 - # of Home Rins:7

Total Bases: Aaron Hill - Rank: 3 - # of Bases: 64 -- Derrek Lee - Rank: 4 - # of Bases: 61

Slugging Percentage: Aaron hill - Rank: 2 - Slugging Percentage: .703

On-Base Percentage: Aaron hill - Rank: 4 - On-Base Percentage: 1.082

Average with Runners in Scoring Position: Jacoby Ellsbury - Rank: 5 - Average with RSIP .421

Caught Stealing: Aaron Hill - Rank 5: - # of times caught: 4 out of 5 times

Putouts: Derrek Lee - Rank: 2 - # of Putouts: 251

Assists: Aaron Hill - Rank: 1 - # of Assists: 90

Fielding Percentage: Aaron Hill & Derrek Lee - Rank: 1 - Fielding Percent: 1.000


Games Played: Trevor Hoffman - Rank: 4 - # of Games Played: 11

Homeruns Allowed: Yovani Gallardo - Rank: T2 - # of Home Runs Allowed: 7

Saves: Trevor Hoffman - Rank 1 - # Of Saves: 9 out of 11 times

Save Oppertunities: Trevor Hoffman - Rank 1 - # of Save Opportunities 11

Blown Saves: Trevor Hoffman - Rank T3 - # of Blown Saves 2 out of 11 times

Reliver Holds: Jerimy Accardo - Rank 1 - # of Holds: 4

This List is as of March 28, 2010 IN-GAME, I will update it at the end of spring training.

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The Season So Far

The Jays started off Spring Training off with a horrable first week dropping their first games to the Astros once the Phillies twice and The Tigers Twice. They Bounced back though winning their next two against the World Series Champs Yankees and Detroit to end the horrifying first week with a 2-5 record. The Next Week they won the first of the weeks shutting out the Astros. Their next game was versus Detroit and dropped that. But on Thursday 11 the game after the Detroit one was the first in the many wins. Since that day they never lost. They went 14-0 Since then.


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Key Players for the success of this orginiziation:


Our power was was coming from the two and three batters in the lineup, and those two youngsters are still providing the offence we need from them. We will need them to stay healthy as the years come. And after vernon wells left, fatcow, the GM, and Cito Gaston, The manager, thought of a new captin for this team, and the best two remaining blue jay hitters were adam lind and aaron hill, but since hill was older, and has more experience, he even broke a record back in '07 when he had the most doubles by a blue jay second basement in a single season, braking Roberto Alomar's record, They had chosen Hill as the captain of the Jays.


Every team needs a veterin role model for batters and pitchers. And since we had non, we used the power of money to get veterins to help our younge tallent. Our batters can look up to chipper jones, a man that still at a high age can make all the routine plays and some of the hard ones. He can hit homeruns and drive in runs and shoot his averige up. It is hard to see a guy at his age that can feild and bat both at a high level. Now John Smoltz is in his 40s and so he gave up his fifth spot in the rotation to Ricky Romero. That shows you how much of a good heart he has. He is taking this blue jays oppertuninty not just to get another ring but to help out all the younge pitchers that will be arising after him.


Cole Hamels was not pleased with his situation. He got kicked off the ace spot twice first by cliff lee then by ex-jay roy halladay. So since he saw the jays were having a better team, he came to see what he can do for his new team. He was really exited when he was the Ace of the Jays and now we have depth in our rotation bringing an expereinced player, heck he was pitching in the world series for the last two years! He will be a great ace for years to come.

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Game Night!!

It is the Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays for a Grapefruit Matchup!!


Jays look to take an advantage on the day that the Phillies take a day off, can the Jays go 18-6?? Will See Tonight on 2K Sports!!

Todays Match up!

Toronto Blue Jays: Pedro Martinez - 2-0 - 2.25 ERA


Baltimore Orioles: Mark Hendrickson - 0-3 - 11.77 ERA


Toronto Blue Jays Lineup and Defence



Baltimore Orioles Lineup and Defence



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The Jays Comeback To Win It 4-2 Against the O's!!


Yet another win for this ball club that makes it 15 wins in a row! The Jays took the lead first in the bottom of the third with two outs, Adam Lind comes to the plate with Ellesburry on third and Hill on first, and singles in Ellesburry to give them the 1-0 lead. But in the top of the fourth the O's come with revenge, with one out, Nick Markakis comes up with 2 men on base (Atkins on first Scott on second) and drives a double in left center, both runners score on that double to give them a 2-1 lead. Pedro would end his outing with his first strike out to get Iztures looking for the third out. Things weren't looking good until the bottom of the 6th, after Lind singles, Derrek Lee hits a monster 2 run Jack to give them a 3-2 lead. Then in the top of the 8th new blue jay pitcher Luke Gregerson made his first appearance getting a shutout inning. Then in the bottom of the 8th inning Hill closes the door with a solo homer. Then the all time saves leader, Trevor Hoffman shuts the door and getting save number eight on the year. The Jays now pull in closer to the Phillies as they are one game back of them. Next Tuesday there will be the last phillies game for the jays in spring training. Can they pull even? We will find out!!

Wining Pitcher: Luke Gregerson ( 1 )

Loosing Pitcher: Mark Hendrickson ( 4 )

Save: Trevor Hoffman ( 8 )

The Pics:


Adam Lind's Single to left field to plate the first run-----------------------------------------------------Jacoby Ellesbury scores from third base


Nick Markakis's 2 RBI double into center field with one out


Pedro Martinez gets the second out of the inning catching a comebacker on the mound! Martinez ends with a high note getting his first K to end the inning


John Smoltz turning two on a ground ball towards the mound. -------------------------------------- Luke Gregeson makes his blue jay debut, and getting the win.


Derrek Lee hits a two run bomb, giving the blue jays the lead! Number seven this season. Aaron Hill's ninth homer this season giving them the 4th run.

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The Transactions

March 20: Blue Jays made a trade with the Boston Red Sox

Red Sox Receive: CF Vernon Wells, SS Alex Gonzalez, SP Dana Eveland

Blue Jays Receive: C Victor Martinez, OF Jacoby Ellsbury

If the Red Sox made that trade in real life, Id be forced to shoot myself... :lol:

This is an interesting dynasty! Keep up the good work.

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Game Night!!

It is the Detroit Tigers at Toronto Blue Jays for a Grapefruit Matchup!!


The Jays so far are 4-2 this spring training against the Tigers and to day will be the last time they face them this spring training! Will they go 5-2 against Detroit with out there best slugger Adam Lind and Aaron Hill? We will find out after the game on channel 2K!!

Todays Match up!

Toronto Blue Jays: Ricky Romero - 0-1 - 3.46 ERA


Detroit Tigers: Jeremy Bonderman - 0-3 - 14.92 ERA


Toronto Blue Jays Lineup and Defence



Detroit Tigers Lineup and Defence



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The Jays Shutout the Tigers 3-0 Without Hill and Lind!

Jays take another game as they tie for first place with the Phillies. Now the Jays have a chance to take first place of the grapefruit league. Ricky pitched a solid no decision going 4 innings striking out two along the way. Bonderman had an opposite game. He allowed a homerun in the second inning to right fielder Jermaine Dye for his 7th big bomb of the year and proving to be a big part of an everyday offence for the Jays. In the same inning he gave up a double to Omar Infante with one out, then stepped the rookie infeilder Mike McCoy and hit a single past a diving Miguel Cabrera to drive in Infante from second giving the rookie his 5th RBI of the season and showing us that he can play at the MLB level consistently. Later in the next inning after a single from Ellsbury and a stolen base, Derrek Lee with one out drives a double in center field to bring in Ellsbury from second and that marked his 17 RBI this season, giving the Jays a three run lead. Then the Jays bullpen kept it score less, setting the table for Trevor Hoffman. And the all-time saves leader does what he does best and that is getting the save. Jays showing they are a team that can make it to the world series and they don't always need to rely on Hill and Lind for runs. Final Score Jays Three Detroit Zero.


The Pics:


1 Ricky Romero freezes a dangerous hitter with a 93 MPH 2-Seam Fastball down and inside to Miguel Cabrera

2--4455374371_967b3e6884.jpg 3--4455374477_420a6ae4f6.jpg

2&3 Brandon Inge too slow out of the batters box after a single to shallow right field and Dye makes the throw from the outfield to get Inge out at first!

4--4456153410_c208826c4d.jpg 5--4456153262_4ac49c2c40.jpg

4&5 Jermain Dye hitting his 7th homer of the year in the second inning. 1-0 Blue Jays Lead

6--4456153542_837e21e42c.jpg 7--4455374963_2daeb8b61d.jpg

6&7 Rookie Mike McCoy driving a single to right field past a diving Cabrera cashing in Infante for McCoy's 5 RBI this season. 2-0 Blue Jays Lead

8--4455375099_8db4c64045.jpg 9--4455375185_258362ba79.jpg

8&9 Derrek Lee doubling off the center field wall to bring Ellsbury home from second to give Lee his 17th RBI this season. 3-0 Blue Jays Lead

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Game Night!!

It is the Toronto Blue Jays at the New York Yankees for a Grapefruit Matchup!!


The Jays are playing one tough game before they face the Phillies possibly for first place. The Phillies-Jays game is tomorrow but they need to focus on today's game before tomorrow's game. The Phillies one their game today which ended 30 minutes ago against the Astros. The Jays need this win! But they are facing a hard team, The NY Yankees the raining MLB Champions! With Hill and Lind back in the lineup, let the game begin!

Todays Match up!

Toronto Blue Jays: Cole Hamels - 2-1 - 4.66 ERA


New York Yankees: Javier Vasquez - 3-0 - 4.05 ERA


Toronto Blue Jays Lineup and Defence



New York Yankees Lineup and Defence



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