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Yes, Germany Schaefer is who i am looking for.

For those who never heard the story, Germany Schaefer when on first with a runner on third, would steal 2nd base. if the catcher wouldnt throw to 2nd on the attempt, thus allowing the runner on third to attempt to score, Schaefer (on at least 2 occasions) promptly ran back to first on the next pitch, attempting again to draw a throw from the Catcher. If that didnt work, he was known to again, attempt to steal 2nd.

This story had me in stitches when i first read it, imagining this guy running back and forth between 2nd and 1st with each pitch trying to get the catcher to throw the ball. It is said the rule was put into place because of his antics, the rule of only letting runners advance forward on the base path. But the rule wasnt put in place until after Scheafer retired

tebjr is the winner, not hard when your the only one playing...... tebjr wins 10,000 cool points.

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