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Jarry Park Stadium (Montreal Expos)


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File Name: Jarry Park Stadium (Montreal Expos)

File Submitter: dennisjames71

File Submitted: 29 Aug 2010

File Category: Stadiums

Version: 1.0

Here is a rendition of Jarry Park Stadium, home of the Montreal Expos from 1969-1976. This stadium is based upon the original Metropolitain Stadium. I made this with the TC 1974 Mod in mind and it replaces the rfkday/rfknite stadiums in the game. Copy the rfk .txt files into your data directory for proper physics/collision data.

*You can use this stadium for the TC 1969 Mod too: Just rename the day/night stadiums to the Marlins stadium (propday & propnite) and copy the included propday/propnite .txt files. The reason it cannot be RFK Stadium in the 1969 Mod...is because oddly enough the Montreal Expos and the Washington Senators "share" the same RFK Stadium.

Day & Night Versions Included.


Click here to download this file

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Hey thanks to all you guys for the positive words. I guess the good thing about me catching the mother of all flus last week, is that I have some extra time on my hands lately (only worked 1 day last week). Yeah, but no matter what I want to get a good chunk of stadium updates for the 1974 (and some other years') TC Mods. There are more definitely coming down the pike this week. I'm glad you guys are digging these. :good:

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