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Kccitystar's Total MLB 2008


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Once again, I will be re-doing or making uniforms for the 2008 edition of MVP Baseball. Some uniforms have been just transferred over from the 2006 versions, and some are just brand new. I will start off with the Yankees and work my way around the league. If I don't make your uniform, don't whine or complain, I will get around to them.



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Very nice... and word on whether thr Red Sox update is a complete new one or just transfered?
Most of it is transferred over from last year, but the spring training unis are done from scratch.

Moving onto the AL West...I'll add pics later. :mrgreen:

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Great job as usual. Can you tell us what resolution these uniforms are? In other words, are they standard size or are they 2X?

They are 2X. So far I am near completion with the AL West. I am currently working on the Mariners Spring Training uniform.
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