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Official Rate My Team & Trades Thread

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  • 4 months later...

I am the Blue Jays....I traded Roy Halladay for Mark Prior. Purely financial reasons. Prior promptley went out and pitched a no-hitter in his first game for me. I also picked up Jeremy Burnitz, who has hit 5 dingers in 12 games for me.

Why don't you just be the Cubs?? :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

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rate my team:

Starters .. Bench

carl crawford RF .. joey gathright

vernon wells CF .. angel berroa

miguel cabrera LF .. willy mo pena

justin morneau 1B .. adam laroche

mark texiara 3B .. some random catcher backup

victor martinez C

bobby crosby SS

jose reyes 2B


Starters .. Bullpen

jake peavy .. edwin jackson R

carlos zambrano .. ole ottulien L

oliver perez .. gustavo chacin L

mark prior .. merkin valdez R

rich harden .. jorge julio R

.. joe nathan R

.. brad lidge R closer

payroll = 54M

owner mode, all star difficulty, default sliders

current record 72 - 18

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That's really strange.

Maybe you could update your drivers, check directx for any errors, and test your power supply.

Those are the things I can suggest off the top of my head.

Anywho - owner's mode its that great. Its starts you off in a crappy ballpark which takes hella seasons to upgrade and i dont know if anyone has time to play all those games.

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