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See where pitcher is throwing the ball while batting?


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3 hours ago, crazykid said:

Not sure if this is an option in the game but is there a way to tell where the pitcher will throw the ball at?  I always have to guess.  There should be a crosshair where the ball will be thrown at.

Isn't that the fun of baseball? Having to guess where it's going to be thrown... that's half the fun of the game. The other half is making them guess... :huh:

Sorry not sorry lol 

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Doubtful, but regardless, a baseball game should never show where a pitch is going to be. 

If you're having trouble hitting the ball, initially stay on the lower difficulty level and slow the pitch speed down until you can get used to it.  Secondly, split the plate up into 4 quadrants.  Before the pitcher goes into his motion, concentrate on the one quadrant where you think the ball will be pitched, if a strike.  If the pitch looks like it's going to go there and it's a good count to swing on, swing. Also, know the pitch types of your opponent..... scout your opponent.

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I thought this was the Mods are for MVP 2004?

Anyways, nah, I was just curious.  I thought there was a way to tell where the pitcher was throwing but maybe that is in another PC game I play.  Well even if you knew where the pitcher was throwing, it's still a bit challenging because you may not swing your bat the right way or you might swing too early or swing too late.

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