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High Heat Baseball 2004 doesn't start on Windows 10


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Hello, everyone. 

I got nostalgic and decided to buy on eBay a copy of HH2004, which I finally received today. 

I need help in running High Heat Baseball 2004 on my Windows 10 computer (Intel Core i3-3110M @ 2.40 GHZ, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 16GB DDR3 ram). 

I installed it without much hassle. I have tried running it several times, fruitlessly. I've attempted all compatibility settings (Windows XP SP2, Windows XP SP3, Windows 98/ME, etc). 

*I double-click on HH2004.exe in the installation folder, and I get no reaction.

*I open Autorun.exe from the CD, I get to the pop-up window, and I click on 'Play High Heat'; then, said pop-up window disappears and nothing else happens.



In advance, I thank you for the time and attention to be devoted to my kind call for help. 


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Hey there I had the same problem on my Win10 PC so I downloaded virtualbox and created a virtual Win XP OS.  I got it to run in the virtual OS but it had a few stuttering issues etc. So I then resorted a couple days ago to reformatting one of my old Win 7 PC's to a Win XP OS. Work absolutely perfect (obviously) to say the least on the XP machine now. If you don't have an old machine to reformat at the least the virtualbox option will let you enjoy a few nostalgic moments.

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On Windows 7 and 8 there's a specific KB you can remove that will make the games functional with SecuRom or SafeDisc.


The KB is KB3086255.


It's impossible to find, let alone remove this KB on Windows 10 since Windows 10 is kind of a rolling release (where you will get cumulative updates among other things).

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26 minutes ago, tinpanalley said:

Sorry, just wanted to reactivate this old thread...

So, what's the deal then, is there any way to make the High Heat series play on Windows 10? I've had to give up my Windows 7 build because my new mobo and CPU won't run Windows 7.

Unfortunately it's not compatible.


Windows 10 doesn't have SecuRom support by default, whereas Windows 7 did and it was patched out.

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