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MVP 15 Not Working? Alternate Set-Up

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If you're having trouble running MVP 15 Total Conversion mod, here's some suggestions on what you can do.  This is not in reference to not running on Windows 10.  That's a separate matter.





Method 1:

  • If you don't have a "virgin" install of 2005, do that, add official EA patch 3; then copy that entire folder and keep it to the side for later installs.  IOW, always have a "base" copy from which to work.
  • From your base install, install MVP 2012 over that.   Makes sure it runs a practice game, at least a few pitches or half inning.
  • Now start adding things.  Start with cyber faces.  But here's where you need to be careful.   A few cyberface makers do NOT use the official IDs.  So the 3 files contained in a cyberface pack for a given player may be something completely different from the number that it should be.  But you can change those numbers on those 3 files, rezip the file and install with TiT.
  • Don't add too many at one time before checking (checking in the manager's area/edit player is a good place to look at the new face).  Otherwise, it may be hard to tell what's crashing a game (i.e., you'll have too many variables.



Method 2:

  • Install the 2012 mod as stated.
  • Install the 2015 mod to another base copy of 2005.
  • Take the "model.big" file from the 2015 install and place it into the 2012 folder in the proper area.  This way you'll have 2015 cyberfaces and won't have as much updating to do.

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