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Wolf of 2K - Ratings Calculated 2018 Roster

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Hey guys,

So I'm slowly beginning work on a new roster for MLB 2k12, and while there's plenty of transactionally correct ones out there, I wanted to make one that had accurate ratings as well. I messed around with some old MLB The Show rating calculators to try and find a good formula that would work for 2K12 and I'm beginning to get some good results. That being said, I'm hoping to get some input from the community on whether these initial batter ratings seem fair, inaccurate, too volatile, etc. and any other criticisms you may have. Please keep in mind these were calculated from the batters split stats from the 2017 season (I have not gotten to pitching just yet) and an updated 2018 roster will be released if these ratings seem to work. Also, please try to keep team biases out of it so we can create a fair and usable roster for the whole community. 

- Cheers

95 OVR – Mike Trout
95 OVR – Jose Altuve
93 OVR – Bryce Harper
92 OVR – J.D. Martinez
91 OVR – Giancarlo Stanton
91 OVR – Paul Goldschmidt
90 OVR – Nolan Arenado
90 OVR – Charlie Blackmon
90 OVR – Freddie Freeman
89 OVR – Mookie Betts
89 OVR – Manny Machado
89 OVR – Carlos Correa
88 OVR – Jose Ramirez
87 OVR – Kris Bryant
87 OVR – Aaron Judge
87 OVR – Anthony Rizzo
87 OVR – Francisco Lindor
87 OVR – Daniel Murphy
86 OVR – Corey Seager
86 OVR – Josh Donaldson
86 OVR – Marcell Ozuna
86 OVR – Buster Posey
86 OVR – Justin Upton
86 OVR – Eric Hosmer
85 OVR – Edwin Encarnacion
85 OVR – Robinson Cano
85 OVR – Gary Sanchez
85 OVR – Andrew McCutchen
85 OVR – Zach Cozart
85 OVR – Yoenis Cespedes
84 OVR – Nelson Cruz
84 OVR – Adrian Beltre
84 OVR – Ryan Braun
83 OVR – Didi Gregorious
83 OVR – DJ LeMahieu
83 OVR – Hanley Ramirez
82 OVR – Matt Carpenter
81 OVR – Michael Brantley
80 OVR – Aaron Hicks
80 OVR – Miguel Cabrera
80 OVR – Albert Pujols

Edited by TheWolfof2K

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For anyone interested in a further break down of the batter stats (Con vs LHP, Pow vs LHP, etc.), message me. 

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Looks like a pretty good start.  I could quibble about a few of them, like Harper and Stanton being rated too high, but it's a start. Hope you can complete it, we need a good accurate roster especially after the TDL.

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