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Batting stances: the curiosity and the fury.

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But let's not just talk about the crazy looking ones that question any human being's ability to turn a particular stance into an actual movement that could end up as anything resembling a properly executed swing, let's also hear about the ones that when you see them make you wanna just take a big catcher's mitt and smack the batter across the face. Batting stances, I've always found, are like songs. There are just some out there that test our patience. And on that note...


1. Just weird - Moises Alou, Julio Franco, and -- not many people are gonna remember him, but -- Phil Plantier.

2. Wanna smack him - Kevin Youkilis, Gary Sheffield, Mark Texeira but more because of his dickface when he was at the plate than his stance. (Truth be told I just wanted to smack Sheffield for being Sheffield and not just for his arrogant prick batting stance)


Honourable mention... every single time I see Craig Kimbrel crouch I wanna drop a giant Wile E Coyote Acme anvil on him. "Shucks, I don't know, I just started doin' this and now I can't stop!" Shut the hell up, just admit you do it for the cameras and you and your agent designed it.


Ok, next, you're up...

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39 minutes ago, Gordo said:

Maybe YouTube clips, if available, might make this more interesting.

Agreed. I just assumed we all knew what my guys looked like. :)

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