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Been away a LONG time...needing help


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Friends, I've been away from this community AND any version of MVP Baseball for nearly 7 years. After a dream (really) about playing the ol' game and having a grand time, I thought i"d try my hand at it again.


But, after all that time, and moving from Utah to Florida, I can't locate the all-important disc two of MVP 2005. I got an ISO from a friend, but either mounted or burned, my PC (running Windows 7) keeps asking me to insert the correct CD-ROM. That happens with either the original install or "EAmods MVP 08".  Including a photo of disc 1 so y'all can see I do own a legit copy. 


Before I try a reinstall, just checking if there's something else I should do. 


You wouldn't think 7 years is too long, but I have only the faintest memory of getting going on the "Mods" and MVPedit2006, TyWiggins team changer, a 709_mvp2005patch5 and a classic pitching cam...It's like I'm someone else now. 


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Check here:


Also MVP is not working on Win10 - I use 7 64-Bit and with secdrv service set to automatic MVP works as it should.


There is a Total Conversion mod and its patch here:



Don't bother with TC16 or TC17 or any other they don't work.

That should help you get up to date.


As far as tools and modding, you need to update cyberfaces first, then player photos, then the rosters. The numbers assigned to new players must all match up or crashes may occur.

So MVP15 Total Conversion is a good starting point.

Or you could just go vanilla and update logos and team names and affiliations here:




Download TiT (Total Installer Thingy 2.0.5) (Always .RAR or .ZIP mods and place them in the MVP main directory, then run TiT 2.0.5).



nfshtool for dealing with .FSH (graphics) files:



And I made a tutorial here for using Photoshop and nfshtool here:



Tutorials for Paint.NET and GIMP are coming soon.


Other than that look around and post any questions or comments in the forum.

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Your main problem is that you don't have the 2nd disk and therefore support here will be limited unless you do in consideration to the TOS.


King Kelly is pretty much on here in terms of adding additional updates that came out since 2015.  I would avoid the Max Kepler cyberface (probably because of the number instead of a problem with the file itself) and if you do have a mismatch, it won't necessarily cause a crash as much as you could have a strange looking player (Black face, Caucasian body or vice versa).  Also, I think he's giving you more information than you need as it does not appear you are looking for knowing how to mod things.


You need to get that 2nd disk and you need to indicate what Windows OS you're using.  If you're on W8 and especially W10, you could be compounding your problem.

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First post mentioned Win7.


I have the game running now, but not without issues. I can fire up TotalClassics 1946 or 1975 without any problem. But if I try the MVP08 mod, in any game mode, right when a game would finish loading, it crashes. The last thing I did with the game in 2012 was to try the "manual" (maybe that's not the right terminology) pitch meter. Not sure if that would cause the game to crash, but that's the only difference I can think of between the installs. 

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Then you may be answering your own question.  Always start from a baseline.  Install MVP 12 fresh and see if it runs.  After you add any mod, always check if the game runs.


There should be several other threads out there in regards to crashing.

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