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Game Crashing

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WARNING: This is what happens when idiots, like me, who are not good with computers get ahead of themselves.......

So a couple days ago on Friday I posted a thread ("Uniform Modding") with questions about uniform modding and uniform exporting/importing between mods. I thought my question was answered successfully, because I moved the Mariners' Sunday Alternate from MVP 15 (f002d, u002d, 002d) into my MVP 88 Mod, and the game loaded without any problem. I thought I had the process figured out and so I started moving uniforms from MVP 15, MVP 88, and my clean version of MVP 2005 into my models/uniforms files in MVP 1993. From MVP 15, I exported 4 Mariners uniforms (002c, 002d, 002e, and 002m), from MVP 88 I exported 2 Mariners uniforms (002a and 002b), and from MVP 2005 I exported 1 Mariners uniform (002c), all from the Models.big file and Uniforms.big file.  

I made sure to import/export from Models.big and Uniforms.big using the method that two of our administrators (Kccity and Jim) explained to me in my previous thread, while at the same time changing the letters at the end to prevent overwriting data that already existed in the 1993 Mod, except for the 002c uniform, which I was hoping to replace the Mariners Teal uniform with the Alternate Blue uniform from MVP 2005. In MVP 2005, the Mariners uniforms are categorized into 002a, b, c, g, h, and o. So, for all the other uniforms that I had imported, I just added a new letter (Example, the Mariners Sunday Alternate from MVP 15 was imported into MVP 1993 under 002d, f002d, and u002d).

Once I arranged the files into their categories (Example again, the Sunday Alternate was imported into MVP 1993 as 002d, f002d, and u002d, the 2 uniforms from MVP 1988 were given the letters "j" and "k", the 1 uniform from 2005 was used to replace the 002c uniform in MVP 93, etc.), I compressed them all and thought I was good to go. However, every time I tried to load an exhibition game, the game would crash. I tried to go back into Models.big and Uniforms.big and decompress some of the new uniforms, but the game still crashed. Finally, I decided to just straight up delete every new uniform I imported into MVP 1993, but the game still continues to crash. All of the original uniforms that were in the MVP 1993 mod are the correct original file names, and they are all compressed, but the game still crashes when I try to load up a game. I tried playing with two random teams (No Mariners) and the game still crashes either at the load screen, or right when the players are about to take the field.

Is there anything I can do? I feel like everything is correct in the data, but now it always crashes, so maybe I'm missing something. I can still go into Dynasty Mode and sim games fine, but I can't actually go in and play, and it's really lame. Can somebody try and explain to me what to do? I've put so much time into my MVP 93 Dynasty, I don't want to lose it by having to uninstall my 1993 Mod :( :( :( 

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I am not going to say that you are an idiot because if you don’t mind I will reserve that comment for myself because I have pulled a lot of mistakes over the years that after looking back on them I say to myself I should have known better.


It sounds like something did not compress right after it was imported because that has happened to me.


Before I add a uniform in my game I back up the models.big and uniforms.big EACH time. That’s saved me a lot.


What to do now? That I don’t know since you don’t know where the problem originated. Luckily there are experts in here that may be able to answer this. All I can add is to back up each time and every time you make a change.

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Haha, thanks for the kind words, @Yankee4Life! That's a great idea to have backups of the uniforms/models files that I will definitely do from now on! I think I have an idea of what to do to resolve this issue, but if that doesn't work, is there a way I can preserve my Dynasty File if I have to uninstall and reinstall the 1993 Mod?

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Thanks for the advice fellas! Everything turned out O.K. I simply installed another copy of the 1993 Mod, copy and pasted the uniforms into a new folder, then pasted those back in my original 1993 Mod and everything works again. But like Yankee said, I'm going to always keep a back up before doing anything ever again. Lesson learned haha!

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I would love some assistance/tutorial help on the uniform preview screens...............Since I purchased MVP 2005 PC in March (thanks to large swaths of free times thanks to the quarantine) I've mastered moving stadiums and uniforms in and out of different mods, modifying and importing/exporting rosters, creating my own stadium select screens with old vintage pics, and I even figured out how to compress portraits and load my own portraits into the mods. The tutorials and information on this forum is simply amazing..............However, the one and only thing I cannot for the life of me figure out is uniform preview screens. I have the BMP files at the right sizes, and what I "thought" were the corresponding names..............I would use TIT and the uniforms would load fine, but never would the preview screens load properly. I tried importing/exporting using EAGraph and all that did was make the game crash..............A comprehensive tutorial on uniform preview screens may allow me to die in peace (but probably not, as you guys know all too well something else will pop up that I'll need to master :) ) I haven't even approached the idea of creating my own stadiums and uniforms yet, but it seems like there's oodles of tutorials on those here. And frankly, in the words of the Barenaked Ladies, 'It's All Been Done" thanks to the fine work of the people on this forum......................

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7 hours ago, Jim825 said:

Glad to hear you got it working. I have been meaning to reply to your other thread to explain how to update the uniform preview screen. I will do that when I get some free time. 

@Jim825 Thanks a lot! And don't worry about it, whenever you're free, it will be appreciated!

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