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The Return of the BSE.

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I made a slight mistake when I was playing the game today. I said it would be the Red Sox at the Phils but when I got into the mod I wasn’t really paying attention and I played the Red Sox at the Yankees. I did not catch it until the fourth inning and then I just decided to keep on playing and then play the scheduled game with the Phillies after it. So there will be a double header posted in the next write-up and some may notice I used two different versions of the Mvp 2008 mod to play these games. Not many people realize that there were different ones.

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The 2008 Boston Red Sox (2nd in the A.L East) vs. the 2008 World Champion  Philadelphia Phillies


Using the 2008 Total conversion mod (version 2) and played in Citizen's Bank Park, Philadelphia


Philadelphia Philliies 9, Boston Red Sox 7


WP: Roy Halladay  IP, 7 hitsd, 5 runs, 4 earned, 2 walks


LP: John Lackey: 7 1/3 IP, 12 hits, 6 runs, 2 K


Hitting Stars: Jayson Werth 4 for 5 and Chase Utley 3 for 5


Socking Red Sox: Jason Varitek, who hit a three run home run in the 8th inning to bring Boston within a run but Philadelphia pushed a run across in the bottom half of the inning and  Brad Lidge closed the door in the ninth.















Now here is the game I played by mistake.


2008 Boston Red Sox (2nd in the A.L. East) vs. the 2008 New York Yankees (3rd in the A.L. East)


Using the 2008 Total conversion mod (original version) and played in Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York


New York Yankees 10,  Boston Red Sox 3


WP: Andy Pettitte: 7 IP, 5 H, 3 R, 0 walks, 3 K


LP: Justin Masterson: 6 IP, 12 H, 4 R, 0 walks, 2 K


Bronx Bombers: A lot. Hideki Matsui 4 for 5, Jorge Posada, Bobby Abreu and Derek Jeter all went 3 for 5 and Xavier Nady hit two home runs.


Extra Special: Four different Red Sox hitters were hit by pitches in this game. (Jed Lowrie, Mike Lowell, Kevin Youkilis and of course David Ortiz)















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The 1994 Boston Red Sox (4th in the A.L. East)  vs. the 1994 Texas Rangers (1st in the A.L. West)


Using the 1994 Total Conversion mod and playing in the Ballpark at Arlington, Arlington, Texas


Texas Rangers 3, Boston Red Sox 0


WP: Kenny Rogers 6 IP 4 Hits, 1 walk, 6 K


LP: Roger Clemens 6 IP, 9 Hits, 3 runs, 1 walk, 1 K


Save: Kevin Brown 4 IP, 3 hits, 0 walks, 2 K


Spreading the wealth in the Lone Star State: Five Rangers (Will Clark, Dean Palmer, David Hulse, Jeff Frye and Manuel Lee) each went 2 for 4 on the day.


Unlikeliest of heroes: Shortstop Manuel Lee, who drove in all three runs in the game and all off of Roger Clemens.


 Before we go on with the screenshots here is another joke to tide you over.


Three baseball fans were on their way to a game when one noticed a foot sticking out of the bushes by the side of the road.


They stopped and discovered a nude female dead drunk. Out of respect and propriety, the Cubs fan took off his cap and placed it over her right
breast. The Yankee fan took off his cap and placed it over her left breast. Following their lead, the Red Sox fan took off his cap and placed
it over her crotch.


The police were called and when the officer arrived, he conducted his inspection. First, he lifted up the Cubs cap, replaced it, and wrote down
some notes. Next, he lifted the Yankee cap, replaced it, and wrote down some more notes. The officer then lifted the Red Sox cap, replaced it, then
lifted it again, replaced it, lifted it a third time, and replaced it one last time.


The Red Sox fan was getting upset and finally asked, "What are you, a pervert or something? Why do you keep lifting and looking, lifting and looking?"


Well," said the officer. "I am simply surprised. Normally when I look under a Red Sox hat, I find an asshole."


And with that, I better duck and run and get on with the game's screenshots. And remember, this is the BSE thread, where reality is checked at the door and you enter the world of my imagination.















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The 1971 American League Champion Baltimore Orioles at the 1971 Boston Red Sox (3rd in the A.L. East)


Using the 1971 Total Classics mod and playing in Fenway Park, Boston.


Baltimore Orioles 2, Boston Red Sox 1


WP: Dave McNally 8 IP, 5 hits, 1 run, 1 walk (intentional) 9 strikeouts


LP: Sonny Siebert 8 IP, 11 hits, 2 runs, 1 earned, 0 K


Save: Eddie Watt 1 IP, 0 hits, 1 K


The worst hitter in the Oriole lineup arguably had to be Mark Belanger. So naturally he went 3 for 4 with two doubles and 1 RBI to lead Baltimore's eleven hit attack. The Orioles had men on base in every inning but each time the Red Sox got out of it when Baltimore hit the ball hard but right at someone. Every single time.


Let's go O's: Merv Rettenmund, Boog Powell, Frank Robinson and Elrod Hendricks all went 2 for 4.


Ok, ok, you asked for it and you got it. Here's another joke.


A man walks into a pub in Boston, and asks the bartender "Hey, want to hear this great Irish joke?"


The bartender looks at him and responds "Sir, think about this. You are in a Boston pub, I'm sure about 80% of the people here are Irish. Do you really want to tell that joke?"


The man thinks about this and says "Oh, okay. I'll just tell it very slowly."











** Read this article right here as it goes into detail about the beaning of Tony Conigliaro. This beaning was in a video game and it hurt no one. Tony Conigliaro was never the same after being hit and in turn developed many health problems later in life. Not a happy ending here.

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The 1951 World Champion New York Yankees at the 1951 Boston Red Sox (3rd place in the American League.)


Using the 1951 Total Classics mod and playing in Fenway Park, Boston.


New York Yankees 7, Boston Red Sox 1


WP: Eddie Lopat 6 IP, 4 Hits, 1 run, 8 K


LP: Mickey McDermott 6 2/3 IP, 10 hits, 5 runs, 2 walks, 2 K


SV: Jack Kramer 3 IP, 0 hits


Again an infielder leads the attack that beat the Red Sox in another game. This time it was second baseman Gil McDougald who went 3 for 5 with one home run, 2 runs batted in and three runs scored. Phil Rizzuto and Yogi Berra also homered for New York.


Here come the Yankees: Phil Rizzuto, Yogi Berra, Joe Dimaggio and Mickey Mantle each had two hits for the Yankees.


Before we get to the screen shots and game video here's a few riddles about no one's favorite city, Boston.


Q: How did the boy from Boston die from drinking milk?


A: The cow fell on him!


Q: How do they separate the men from the boys in Boston?


A: With a restraining order.


Q: What's the only thing that grows in Boston?


A: The Crime Rate!




Mickey Mantle singles to left field (in .mp4 format)


Joe Dimaggio hits an RBI double (in .mp4 format)
















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The 1955 Boston Red Sox (4th in the American League) vs. the 1955 American League Champion New York Yankees


Using the 1955 Total Classics mod and playing in Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York


New York Yankees 7, Boston Red Sox 2


WP: Whitey Ford 8 IP 5 hits 2 runs 0 walks 5 K


LP: Frank Sullivan 5 2/3 IP 13 hits 6 runs 0 walks 3 K


There must be something about these Yankee infielders because they always seem to come up big against the Red Sox. Today's heroes were third baseman Andy Carey, who went 4 for 5 and second baseman Gil McDougald who went 2 for 4 with a two-run home run in the third inning. Yogi Berra also chipped in by going 3 for 4.


Before we get into the game let's dip into the mailbag.


Subject: Your BSE thread



To: Yankee4Life


I don't know what to think of this thread because it's highly inaccurate but at the same time very funny. I mean take for example how you describe Carl Yastrzemski. No way was he like that! But I see how you try to inject humor into the games. But man you got to read up on Yaz! By the way those riddles were funny. Do you have at least one more? Thanks!



Well thank you. It is always nice to get feedback but I real,y don't know what he means by having me read up on Yastrzemski. I thought I gave him a fair and partial description in my screen shots. But i will go read about him again.


Here is your riddle and I threw in a joke too for good measure.


Question: What do you call a good looking woman in Boston?

Answer: A tourist



A priest, a minister, and a rabbi from Boston got together and decided they wanted to see who’s best at his job. The winner would get 50 yard line seats to two Patriots games. So they each went into the woods to find a bear and then attempt to convert it. An impossible task, but they still tried. One month goes by and they finally got together to compare notes.


The priest started things off by saying “When I found the bear, I read to him from the Catechism and sprinkled him with holy water. Next week is his First Communion!”


“Well, I found a bear by the stream as he was trying to catch fish,” says the minister, “and preached God’s holy word. The bear was so mesmerized and forgot about the fish and he let me baptize him!”


Then they both look down at the rabbi, who was lying on a gurney in a body cast. “Looking back,” he says, “maybe I shouldn’t have started with the circumcision.”




Yogi being Yogi (in .mp4 format)


Elston Howard hits an RBI single (in .mp4 format)















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The 1969 Boston Red Sox (3rd in the A.L. East) vs the 1969 Oakland Athletics (2n in the A.L. West)


Using the 1969 Total Classics mod and playing in the Oakland-Alemeda County Coliseum.


Oakland Athletics 3, Boston Red Sox 0


WP: Jim Hunter 8 IP 3 Hits  11 K 0 Walks


LP Sonny Siebert 7 IP 9 Hits 3 runs, 1 K 1 Walk


Save: Rollie Fingers 1 IP, 1 hit


There must be something about the infielders on opposing teams because it seems that always one of them come up big against the Red Sox. Today it was second baseman Dick Green who went 3 for 4 with an RBI and pinch-hitter Danny Cater chipped in with a two-run double in the sixth inning that effectively put the game out of reach with the way Catfish Hunter was pitching on the mound. Reggie Jackson (3 for 4) also had a big day at the plate.









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The 1975 World Champion Cincinnati Reds vs. the 1975 American League Champion Boston Red Sox


Using the 1975 Total Classics mod and playing in Fenway Park, Boston


Cincinnati Reds 1, Boston Red Sox 0


WP: Don Gullett 8 IP, 2 hits, 16 K, 0 walks


LP: Dick Drago 1 IP, 3 hits, 1 run, 0 K, 0 walks


Save: Rawly Eastwick 1 IP, 0 hits, 3 K, 0 walks


George Foster broke a 0 - 0 tie in the top of the ninth inning with a seeing eye ground ball up the middle that scored Dan Driessen from third base to lead the Reds to victory in this very close pitchers duel at Fenway Park, a place not known for these kind of games. Boston starter Bill Lee was excellent in his eight innings of work as he gave up eight hits and struck out two. He was removed in the bottom of the eighth for a pinch-hitter. As good as he was Don Gullett was even better. He gave up two hits through his eight innings of work and he was in the zone from the first batter he faced until the last one. He struck out eight of the first nine Red Sox he faced and finished up with sixteen strikeouts which is almost unheard of for a lefthander pitching in Boston.


Johnny Bench, Tony Perez and Cesar Geronimo each went 2 for 4 for Cincinnati.




Bench tries to get something going in the 6th.










Johnny Bench of the Reds. It’s been said that he is the greatest catcher of all time but the people who say that have never heard of Yogi Berra or Roy Campanella or, if they have, ignore what those two did in their careers. Off the field Bench was a how can I put it nicely, an a$$hole. The guy was married four times which in itself is not a crime nor something to hold against him but maybe this piece of information will explain why he tied the knot so many times. When he married his first wife in 1975 Hustler magazine approached the blushing bride and asked her to pose nude in their magazine for $25,000. She said no and told her husband what the magazine said to her. Instead of getting angry Bench said she should do it because “$25,000 was a lot of money.” And there you have it folks, another athlete whose only worth to anyone was when he was out on the field.











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The 1934 Boston Red Sox (4th in the American League) vs. the 1934 American League Champion Detroit Tigers*


Using the 1934 Total Classics mod and playing in Navin Field, Detroit.


Boston Red Sox 11, Detroit Tigers 4


WP: Gordon Rhodes 7 2/3 IP, 7 H, 2 R, 3 K


LP: Tommy Bridges 3 IP, 7 H, 6 R, 1 BB, 2 K, 3 WP


Four batters into this game the Tigers found themselves down by a 3 - 0 score and it only got worse for them as they lost 11 - 4 to the visiting Red Sox. By the time Boston pitcher Gordon Rhodes came up for the second time the Sox had batted around twice. The first three hitters in the Red Sox order (Bill Cissell, Bill Werber and Ed Morgan) were a combined 6 for 15.


*This game was delayed because I have been doing a major update to my photo galleries.




Detroit catcher (and manager) Mickey Cochrane drives home Detroit's first run in the eighth inning.


Cochrane's RBI single.



















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The 2021 Philadelphia Phillies (2nd in the N.L. East) vs. the 2021 Los Angeles Angels (4th in the A.L. West)


Using the 2021 Total Conversion mod and playing in Angels Stadium, Anaheim, California.


Los Angeles Angels 6, Philadelphia Phillies 3


WP: Shohei Ohtani 8 IP, 5 H, 3 R, 7K 0 BB

Save: Raisel Inglesias 1 IP, 0 H, 0 K, 0 BB


LP: Aaron Nola 7 IP, 19 H, 6 R, 0 K, 1 BB

ND: Ian Kennedy 1 IP, 1 H, 0 K, 0 BB


But before I get to the game wrap-up, an email I want to share with you.  **


From: rhead@pa.gov

To: yankee4life@mvpmods.com


Subject: Baseball


       We have recently been informed that you plan on playing a video baseball game that will undoubtedly put one of our teams, the Philadelphia Phillies, in a bad light. Included in this complaint is how you plan to depict right fielder Bryce Harper because our sources have said you do not care for him at all. May we remind you that he won the 2021 National League Most Valuable Player award and is one of the best players in the game.


       We must lodge a protest with you before this even takes place and if you do play this game and the Phillies lose and Mr. Harper is not shown the respect and admiration he deserves we will be forced to storm the state capital building here in Harrisburg and we will be demanding an apology and if we deem so, a replay of the game where the Phillies are the victors and Mr. Harper is treated with respect.


        Thank you very much.


                            Mr. Richard Head, Chairman, Pennsylvania Republican Party



My response was short and to the point:


Dear Mr. Head,
                           The game in question has been played and the results are not exactly what you have been hoping to expect. If you still plan on storming your capital please dress warm because it is freezing outside.





Now that is out of the way I can get on to the game. The Phillies struck first in the fourth inning with a three-run homer by shortstop Didi Gregorius but could not hold the lead despite Aaron Nola's best start of the year. Nola only gave up six runs on nineteen hits and kept the Phils in the game until the fifth inning when everything fell apart for him as usual. Bryce "Mr Wonderful" Harper was 1 for 3 but was on base three times, two because he was hit by pitches. Justin Upton had a career day as he went 4 for 5 and Jared Walsh and Jose Inglesias were each 3 for 4.












Didi Gregorius slides into home ahead of the throw to complete a three-run inside-the-park home run in the fourth inning to give Philadelphia a 3 - 0 lead in the top of the fourth inning. Bryce Harper was very upset after the play because he had to run at full speed all the way from second base to score.










So much happening here. Harper is hit for the second time in the game and Ohtani has been tossed from the game. Harper was thinking about charging the mound because Ohtani had his back to him but everyone else was watching Harper because Harper likes to attack when people have their eyes on something else.



**The game depicted above is a satire. It never happened except in my imagination. The fine folks who work in governing the great state of Pennsylvania have better things to do then be concerned about a video game thread that, if looked at closely, is easily seen as musings from an overactive imagination.

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31 minutes ago, Jim825 said:

Please keep politics out of here. You know full well that it will only stir up trouble.  :mad:


Yes sir my friend and if you notice I added a retraction. My intent was to show the overwhelming support for Harper in the Quaker State because he won the Mvp.

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