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1974 Classics Mod Request & questions


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Hi, Jim825


I am currently getting ready to start a dynasty with your 1974 Classic Mod. I am updating it with everything I could find in the download section that pertains to 1974 and dated after 12-31-2013 the release date of the mod.

Are you able to direct me to a cluster of unused face ID #'s within the models.big that I can use for this mod and possibly for the other great classic mods you and others have created?



I have done some looking and I can't really figure out how you went about the adding of faces to the game, either community created or generic created that some of the players appear to have?

It looks like, I could be wrong, but all of the Homer retro faces that are good for use in this 1974 mod, have been re-numbered and start @ 700?


I know the EA Sports generic faces start @ 900; some players do use these. But it seems more use a generic .bmp face(s) somewhere in the models file, either created by you or EA sports. Which was a great idea! I did this with NCAA basketball, it looks better than just using those 900-914 generic faces. The huge mustaches and sideburns fit the 1970’s era much better.


Since EA Sports included and uses #1-504 for the game's original players straight out the box, and since this is a classic roster, I know overriding these are an option and not a problem, the only thing is I wouldn't be sure if I am copying over a legitimate 1974 face that has already been added in, or not without a list.



I am asking these questions, because I created a few 1970's faces already and chose #'s starting @ 450 and up, but the 2nd one I added in #452, was used already. Because when I went into the game to play and test it out, two players on the other team had my same new created face as well. So I had chosen and copied over one of the generic faces you had put in or one of the EA sports originals being used?



So what I am looking for is a cluster sweet spot inside the models.big or a list of the used numbers you may have? Just need about a 40-50 face ID spot I can use to add new faces in, without messing with the other faces and the great set up you did.



Since the classics and the Minor leagues (wish there was a AAA mod) are my thing, I am having a hard time figuring which two dynasties I want to start? I wanted to choose one of yours from the 70’s and one of the other great Mod creators her @ MVP Mods to play some seasons and enjoy myself.

I originally started with 1971 and did the same thing I did here, but then I realized some of the players I knew best were from the mid to late 70’s, so I may have settled on 1974 or 78?

I plan to also do one from the 80’s, but for now I would like to add all the faces I found and the new ones I created to this 1974 mod.



I know I am real late to the whole classics mod party, like 10 years. But when it comes to classics its just that, no such thing as late.


If you could help, it would be appreciated



Thank you,

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I’d be interested to hear how much extra material you found for TC 1974. 

As far as the Face ID’s, I don’t have a specific list of used faces in the TC 1974 mod. I have an overall list of classic faces (printed) that I reference when creating rosters. This list was created as we (the Total Classics team) worked on the  original Total Classics mods (currently at rev. 10).  I will have to see if I have a soft copy of the list on my external hard drive that contains all of my mod files and tools. 

There is no rhyme or reason to the Face ID assignments. Face ID’s were grabbed as needed and existing IDs were replaced at times. There are a number of generic classic faces (e.g. dark hair with sideburns, blond hair with glasses, dark hair with mustache, etc.). 

When assigning faces to players, if a specific face doesn’t exist, I look at the player portrait.  If it looks close to one of the generic classic face or even another classic face, I will use that. I’m some cases, multiple players will get the same face, as you’ve seen. 

If you want a true list of faces used in TC 1974, you can open the roster on MVPEdit and look at each player to get the Face ID. Once you get your list, you will know which faces are unused by the mod. To make it easier to find the holes in the IDs, I suggest you put them in a spreadsheet like Excel and then sort your list. 

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Hey, Thanks for the reply, Will do


For 1974

23 cyberfaces in total.

Some were updates that I thought were better. (My preference)

Some were just ok, but better than a generic face. (See the screenshot) Not mine, credit to the creator?

A few new ones that came out after the release and my newly created faces.


I also added for flavor a few September call –ups, I used .mep and copied them over from the 1975 roster. Like Jim Rice, Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, guys who had some real nice faces done already (Jim Rice with the Afro) Excellent!. All played some games in 1974. I plan to do a few more.


I asked Dennis to re-post his Brewers Uniform and County stadium, because these were down. The .rar was empty.


Comiskey Park audio Bytes


Working on updating a few portraits and that’s’ about it.


The Mod is excellent for sure!! A+


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This conversation is super relevant (and very helpful!) to my work in recent months on the 1987 Mod. 


Going back to late summer of last year, I've been plugging unique Faces into the 1987 mod. As I told Dirtdog in a recent conversation, I've been plugging in unique faces for each and every player in the 1987 Mod - one reason why I'm still not finished with it :)  The good news is I've plugged in about 20 of the 26 teams completely, and am winding down the other teams this month. 


It's reassuring to know there's no real specific rhyme or reason to face assignments, as Jim mentioned above. What I've been doing for 1987 is I plugged in all the existing faces that were downloadable, and then I've been searching through the old faces and archives for the closest matches to those players that didn't have existing faces. There have been some duplicates, such as an old player from a 1970s mod with an afro being used for Steve Jeltz (Phillies) and Johnny Ray (Pirates). There's also a LOT of mustaches in 1987, so I've been trying to find every old Face from the 1970s mods with mustaches so I can mix it up and not use the same face for 100 guys with mustaches. 


As I've been working, I've created a master list of Face assignment ID numbers as I've been plugging them into attrib.dat, so I can make sure when I test the game I don't have the wrong face on the wrong player. So far so good! I'm winding down the faces, but then I'm going to try to plug in audio for the entire Mod, so it's still very much a work in progress and will probably be several more months before I'm completely done. But it's good to know I'm on the right track as far as faces :)

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3 hours ago, Dirtdog said:

* Handful of updated stadiums released in 2014 & 15

I looked at the descriptions for some (but not all) of those stadiums that have a 2015 release date. The release comment states that the file was re-uploaded because the original file was lost.


The change log shows that the files were originally uploaded in 2010, so the ones I looked at (and probably the others) would have already been included in TC1974 and TC1978. 

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1 hour ago, Jim825 said:

I looked at the descriptions for some (but not all) of those stadiums that have a 2015 release date. The release comment states that the file was re-uploaded because the original file was lost.




What stadiums Jim? I may have them.

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The stadiums are available for download. 

What I was saying is that the date that shows when they were released (2015) is misleading because it makes it seem like that is when they were released, when in fact, that date is when they were uploaded a 2nd time. The file is the same one that was released in 2010. 

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