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Team Audio Modding


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So this is just to log progress from some playing around I've done with a few programs. I'm going to attempt to edit some team audio, which is notoriously finicky because one wrong move will destroy a team's entire audio profile. So here's what I found in just toying around, and I want to log it here in case it works. I'll be trying this sometime tonight. If anyone wants to try it out in the meantime and let me know how it works, please feel free.


Tools needed:


Extractor Tool

Mosx (from Homer's Audio Tutorial)

BigGUI or a similar file extractor tool

Audacity or any sound editing program




  • Go to the tnamedat.big file (YOUR_MVP_BASEBALL_FOLDER\data\audio\cd\tnamedat.big)
  • Extract the number file of the team you want to edit (000.dat for the Anaheim Angels and on downward in team order) - extract it to Desktop
  • Use the Extractor tool. Choose the input file as the file you just downloaded to your desktop (USER\Desktop\000.dat). Make sure the output file as your Desktop (USER\Desktop)
  • This will open a bunch of files-within-files, which are labeled as EAMUS files in the Extractor tool
  • Select any of the EAMUS files and click to extract. *take note of the number in the "Position" field for that particular EAMUS file.*
  • Use Mosx (from Homer's Audio Tutorial) to convert the mus file to a wav file
    • To do this, you'll have to open "Mosx.bat" in notepad and change where you see ".dat" to ".mus"
  • Open the wav file in any sound editing program, edit the wav to be what you want it to be.
  • Use the audio converter to convert the wav file back to mus.
  • When finished, return to Extractor. Click Functions - Import file
  • Import the new mus file.


Now is where the important bit comes in.


  • Delete the old version of the mus file you're replacing, but again, take note of the number in the "Position" field
  • For the *NEW* version of the file, right click, and then click "Properties".
  • In the "Source File" area, you want to switch it from USER\Desktop to USER\Desktop\000.dat
  • NOTE: You will not be able to change the file type to EAMUS. That will come later.
  • In the "Position" field, enter that number you wrote down for the old file.
  • You'll get an error message saying that the position for this file size doesn't match up. Do you want to change it?
  • Click "No." This is the part of the process I'm unsure about. If you click yes, the Position will default back to 0 and that's not what you want.
  • Exit properties, then close out the .dat file.
  • If you re-open the .dat file, you'll see that your new version of the file now reads as an EAMUS file. 
  • Use your BigGUI to re-import the .dat file into the tnamedat.big file.


And then you just hope and pray that it works.




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7 minutes ago, Yankee4Life said:

This sounds and seems very detailed. It is too bad OTBjoel is not here anymore for you to bounce ideas off of him but he has not been back in six years.


Yeah, I wanted to reach out to him because he's the audio mod guru and his Legends of the Booth is amazing. I'm sure he knows exactly what to do to make it work, but unless he's been lurking deep undercover, it'll just be trial and error.

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Hey this is an interesting thread. I've never tried using the extractor.


Here's is what I could do:

-There are 16 audios when it comes to team audio editing, one will have to edit a lot of the wav files depending if you are trying to change the team's name or the city name.

-I did the wav editing and convert the files back to the .mus format (for this test I'm using a Cleveland Guardians project that I did a long time ago).

-When is time to import the edited files is when everything start to go wrong for me because:


  • The import function doesn't seems to be working(?) These two messages are promted:

image.png.1bca06ad886d755fe44eea61116c549e.png image.png.d172e377cef1b5c8466fa45aa52725ac.png                           


I clicked yes for both but no new file was added. (And then I clicked no in the second message, but still the same issue).


  • Then I tried to add the files via the "add files" function 



Now the new files were indeed added:



With the files there I started to do the steps: delete the old files, change the source file, writing the number of the Posistion field (I noticed that just for some of the files the error of the size match message was showed). Alright, for this example this is what I got now:




01 and 03 are there, noted that the size of the files are way bigger than the original ones (Idk if this is a problem, it probably is, but I guess that'd be somenthing to be fixed in the wav editing/converting process).


Well, at this point lets act like if the job is done (actually there are other 10~12 .mus files that needs to be added if you're changing the team's name, like Indians to Guardians), If I click close I would assume that the new files have already been added to the dat file, right?


When re-open the files are show as EAMUS type:




BUT, extract them and convert again and you'll hear the old audio that you were trying to replace, nothing is new in the dat file :(


So this is where I am now, until today I didn't know that the extractor was the tool needed to view the other audios that I suspected needed to be modified, so this is a progress, but it looks like there are still things in the process that need to be clarified. I'll drop all the content of this project in case you want to take a look:




Thank you very much for this thread, let me know if you can find something that needs to be tweak, I'll keep an eye.





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  • 1 month later...

Updating with a possible breakthrough - you'll need a few tools though. I'm away visiting family, otherwise I'd upload the tools now. But for the time being you can find them on the NLSC Forum. You're going to want a couple of programs called the NHL07-06 ASF Player and the NHL07 ASF Exporter. Create a new folder with the ASF Player and ASF Exporter in there, along with all the other files that came with the download.


Open up your tnamedat.big file and extract any team you'd like. For example, let's say you wanted to do the Rays, so they would be 13.dat - extract that to a convenient folder. Open up the NHL07-06 ASF Player and then click "Open File". Here you'll want to open 13.dat. Click OK and you'll see several .asf files. Click "Play" on each one, and a .wav file will automatically open in the folder where the ASF Player is located. You can now edit this .wav file like any other audio file. Once done editing, rename the audio file to something different. You could save it as 13 000001test.wav or something like that.


When it comes time to pack things back up again, you'll need to create your own batch file. Open up Notepad and paste the following:


sx -sndstream -.asf *.wav -mt_blk


Then save this file as sx.exe - make sure that this new exe is in the same folder as your .wav file and then double click to run the .exe. This should convert the .wav back to .asf. Preview it in the ASF Player and make sure it sounds good. If so, rename it back to 13 000001.asf and then use the Extractor tool. Open the 13.dat file in Extractor. That will open up the several different files. Click on 13 000001.mus that's already in the file. Then go to Function, Import File. Then simply import your files, going IN ORDER, 1-19.


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important that your NEW file is roughly the same size as the previous one. You can tell the size of the previous one in the ASF Exporter program in the "Size Dec" area. Files need to be smaller, the same, or juuuust slightly bigger than the previous one you're replacing. Otherwise things won't work properly.


This information was found in this forum post from way back in 2011. Hopefully this works. If anyone wants to try it out while I'm away, please feel free and let me know how it worked. If this is truly what we've been waiting for all these years, I'll make it into a tutorial.



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