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Your favorite version of Triple Play.


What was your favorite version of TP?  

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    • '97
    • '98
    • '99
    • '00
    • '01
    • '02
    • Baseball

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I don't know which TP I had, but it was the one with Jason Giambi on the cover, when he was on the A's. The HR Tournament was awesome, especially at Cashman Field.

I liked the HR Derby to, because you could go to a living room, medevil castle, or a construction site.

I also like the World Teams, that was pretty cool.

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I loved Triple Play 99, it was the game that got me hooked on baseball games. If I'm not mistaken, it was the first game I got for the original Playstation.

Ahh i can still remember getting a playstation in 96 and getting TP right away. Man that was a long time ago and i played the snot out of it. I think i've played them all and liked 01 the best even though 02 was very similar. It's hard to believe how far technology has come. 8)

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Never thought i'd see a poll like this.. great idea lol, for once a poll that's not just there to make a bogus um.. poll

anyway, 97 for sentimental reasons. 2000, last I played.

Lucas718, if I had known that 2001 had that feature I would of grabbed it.

On a related note: for those that like to denegrate the seires, remember we had to wait till 2003 for something like MVP, so don't just spit on the TP series, they were a blast to play despite what we view in 2005 as primitive... Even though EA doesn't like to aknowledge the link, mvp IS the natural progression of TP.

... before there was Halo & all the like, there was Asteroids :p

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I had them all from '97 to 00'... but after playing High Heat Baseball 1999, I decided to change teams and moved to 3DO from that moment on... why? well, because the HH franchise was - and maybe still is - the most realistic baseball offering I've ever played on the PC.

MVP is a very good come back for EA... but it is still missing a few things to really be 'in the game'.

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All I can say, 2001 was the best one I remember. I will however, take Jim and Buck, over Kuiper and Krukow any day. OMG, I cant stand those 2. Martinez was the best color man on any baseball game. As for HH, I liked 2003? I think :? The one before the last one. I liked the way the hitting curser allowed you to view where the ball was pitched. The last HH didnt have anything, it was like pitching blind. There were far to many walks per game because the pitcher couldnt throw strikes on low pitches. It pissed me off, so I returned it. Hated it ever since. Thank god, 3DO is gone. :twisted: I have a special place in my heart for the TP series. Had all of them. I hope they use Jim and Buck again in the next installment of whatever its gonna be called. As long as its not Kuip and Krukow. No offense Giants fan, but they gots to go.................... :roll: Having them in the game and now with their sons also?? C'mon now! ! Now I know what my brother thinks when he sees my name on every game I play :lol:

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