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Classic Face installation question/crashes


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Fellas, it seems once i have Peter Bernards faces in the game for the

classic players they show in the editor and the game

EA/MVP 2005 directory

then install jogar84's faces, they are not the same path, EA/MVP 2005/

Data directory, i will crash back to the desk top when attempting to play

a game with any of the previous faces. Also, the previous loaded faces

will no longer show in the editor which alone will tell me the game will crash

what am i doing or what is causing this

should not ALL these faces be released and installed the same way?

and we need a tracking system of who is numbering who, as to not copy

over faces

ex Boggs and P.Roe are both #619

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AT I don't understand the question.

I agree that whatever faces being officially put into TC should be numbered differently, but artists are going to use the same numbers alot. Just change them in MVPedit. I have some Terminator Korea faces with the same numbers as mine but I just change one or the other.

Was this a letter forwarded to you or is this your question? I haven't installed anyone else's faces in a while, I can only answer about mine I guess.

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this was me. for some reason if i install faces into the data directory (as requested with jogar84's work) i lose the previous faces i install in the mvp directory. then i have to reinstall.

what am i doing incorrevt

has anyone else installed into the data directory afterwards?

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I never heard of that. I think someone already gave Jogar the correct code for his bat file, they work well if you install from the main folder. Just put the files in the main directory and edit one of my bat files for those #'s. You can do more than one face in each bat file if you want, I double-space between each face.

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Alex Tony U can do this to boggs

1) Make sure all the file by Jogar is in the MVP Baseball 2005 folder and NOT the data folder. Change the install.bat into this only

gfxpak -p1 -real data/models.big c619.fsh c619.ord c619.orl

Now click the new install.bat and it will install boggs.

2)Reinstall pbclassicpack1a under folder faces drag all the file into MVP Baseball 2005 folder EXCEPT c619.fsh c619.ord c619.orl

Change the install.bat file again and take out c619.fsh c619.ord c619.orl and save it. Now click the new install.bat and it will install all the faces except boggs.

3)Run the game and I don't have the crash anymore. And boggs face working smoothly.

I put this as detail as I can if not work I don't know what else will.

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