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  1. ​ I've been hearing that for 10 years now but, were still here. I'm hoping 2k comes back and maybe are rebuilding MLB2k baseball from the ground up using the NBA2k engine.
  2. So your saying no more setting clocks back and forth with Beyondo. If so that would be awesome. Also in Vlad's ReEditor which is the cyberface of the player. Global ID or App ID?
  3. Got it working, just as you said I had the cursor on wrong side. It's pure awesomeness man thanks for your work. Truly Outstanding. On a seperate note since you know how to work with hex. I wonder if the problem we have with the Astros not showing in the Standings, well let me rephrase that the last placed team not showing up in the team standings with the hardcoded 14 teams in AL 16 in NL. I wonder if we could change that through hex editing.
  4. Hey exrxixxx I followed the directions but have a problem. Hope you can help me?
  5. Hey picklebrad I was messing around with a Hex-Editor and in the global file stumbled on something that might be of some use to you. If you or someone here knows anything about Hex editing. D.I.R.T. .G.r.o.u.p./.D.i.r.t. .C.o.l.o.r...D.I.R.T. .G.r.o.u.p./.D.i.r.t...D.I.R.T. .G.r.o.u.p./.G.l.o.s.s. .E.f.f.e.c.t...S.C.R.A.T.C.H. .G.r.o.u.p./.S.c.r.a.t.c.h. .C.o.l.o.r...S.C.R.A.T.C.H. .G.r.o.u.p./.S.c.r.a.t.c.h...........UH....
  6. Hey EXRXIXXX great job it looks great. I was wondering is there a way to move the scoreboard to the very top of the screen.
  7. Qbrick808 in reference to getting blender to work with the n2km import/export tools. I had the same problem at 1st but then I did what was listed here. You have to use Blender2.49 for the n2km import/export tools to work. It won't work with later versions of Blender. Just follow the directions here.http://forums.nba-live.com/viewtopic.php?f=144&t=83317 Install python 1st, then Blender. Then move the ble_n2km_export amd ble_n2km_import to your blender scripts folder (Mine is located in Appdata/Roaming/Blender Foundation/Blender/.blender/scripts) Then when you open blender and select im
  8. n regards to the schedule. The only minor issue seems to be that the AL west is hardcoded for 4 teams so whoever is in last place will not show up in the division standings. Also the same with the AL standings the last place team will become invisible but they are there. They show up in the schedule correctly though which is weird. I noticed in regards to the All-Star game when simulating that the 1st season it shows on the schedule and is playable. 2nd season it doesn't and is not playable. 3rd season it doesn't and is not playable. 4th season it shows on the schedule and is playable.
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