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  1. to solve the fenway crash problem, use Big ???s fenway lite! Its in the stadiums, use have to go back a few pages!But it solve s the crashes! As forthe others ive had no problems with any other modded stadiums! I had a problem with playing the yankess and the orioles crashedeverytime> turns out i had to redo mvp05 with the 08 mod again!? havent done it for years? Mabee ull have to bite the bullet and reinstall! its great all the files are still here! Good luck and hope i helped alittle Later, WallyGator
  2. Up till now every mod has worked great!? Had MVP form start! Never had any problems till this year? Havent added any uniforms! just roster and schedule! And 2012 Camden yards? Cant fiure out what is causing it to crash? Got to the point where game would start, but when i try to go to bullpen etc. Game crashes? Any help would be appreciated! Love this game since it came out! Look forward to it every yewr! Thanks WallyGator
  3. Roster is no good! Crashes playing the Orioles! tryed both camden yards so not the stadium! Please fix it!
  4. How do you install these pics in bmp format? Only see fsh files in data file? please explain! Thanks :help:
  5. Hi HLFR. Im looking for a program u made years ago called IGMusIm! I had it for years and deleted it dam it! If you still have it could you post it on MVP mODs or send it to me at wallyg562005@yahoo.com. I d like to add some Yes Yankees ASF file! Thanks WallyGator Member MVP Mods!

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