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  1. Headtrip47 - I have installed your roster and portraits (awesome) and I have downloaded reditorii and installed it, but the Cyberfaces do not match.  to change the CF ids from KC's master roster to your roster, do you have a list of your roster CF changes to edit and match?



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    2. Ritchie


      what about all the other cyberfaces?  they do NOT match either.

    3. headtrip47


      They dont match if you dont rename the player_head_iff.. according to the roster

    4. Ritchie


      sorry to bother you once again, I appreciate ALL the hard work you have done, but where are these 'player_head_xxxx' files that I need to get them - I know they have to match KC's roster, but they does not so match in game.


      if I copy 'player_head_xxxx' files and rename it to the CF id according to KC's roster, the CF is of whom that player is.  for example, I copied 'player_head_068' and added it and renamed it to 'player_head_722' which is Nestor Cortes on KC's sheet.  I than opened the game and in the edit player tab, it still is not the player I want but of the player who was already in the game and the size of the player_head files are different for each.


      thanks for your time..



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