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  1. well this will be my Roster Update for this mlb2k12 Game.. im putting many hours just to give a good roster to you all, i hope somebody will continue roster editing... im still here but i will not updating the roster for now on... thanks to all who help me with the modding... enjoy...
  2. Version 1.0.0


    -- I only updated the Rosters, Batting line ups and Pitching Rotations according to Roster resources Fangraph..... -- added all the Players who made their Debut this Season -- Replaced the Old players with New Ones.. -- suggestion to off the commentary so that you cannot hear incorrect names.. -- Edit Batting Stances -- EDITED THE PITCHING MOVEMENTS/ TRAJECTORY by Bostonico.....(thanks bro)
  3. Did you read before you download the roster? Portrait id and cf id is based on kccitystar master sheet. So you have to rename your cf id according on my roster or else you cannot make the cyberfaces correctly. I hope you all know kccitystar mastersheet? YOU HAVE TO RENAME your CF according to my roster... So i your cf id is 1234 and in my roster is 2234, you must rename it to 2234...
  4. That is not the reditor II... Hope you visit the download area and search for reditor II
  5. 1. Part1.zip, extract this to desktop or other locations on your computer. 2. After you extract you will see folders with team names chicago cubs etc..... 3. Launch Tit and browse the folder, for ex. Chicago cubs folder, open it and you will see the portrait.zip.. click that and hit start...
  6. Then open the TiT program, browse the folder first braves,you will see inside portrait.zip. click it and hit start
  7. https://www.mvpmods.com/files/file/6619-total-installer-thingy-4-2k10/
  8. they made it, then why you dont? It is my mistake? Just wandering whtat procedure you are doing..
  9. You must download my roster also in order to make the portraits works and show ingame. This tit program i only installed it on c:program files 86x
  10. So if this is the problem then why it is working on me?
  11. Did you download and use my roster or you using a different roster?
  12. Yes i made a custom portrait id and cf id just what i said post. I hope you read that part. Incase of the skintone i already edited some and will release a roster update soon. But if you want to edit the skin color by yourself you need to do it on reditor. Change playertype to 5. And you can edit it ingame
  13. Nope.... 10000 is working for me fine also the roster with no crash. Just take a camera on desktop and take a picture of it and send. Maybe you doing the wring method. Because its not crashing on me and working fine Its not crashing on me. Maybe you are doing the wrong method of installing portraits.
  14. I dont know what method you are doing in installing portraits. Can you send a screenshot of what you are doing..
  15. I tested again installinh the portrait files i uploaded. And its works properly to me.so i think you have a mistake in installing. Did you watch the video tutorial, go to youtube search for wolfof2k and you can see his tutorail.. https://youtu.be/eawUQVAV3gQ Yoy can watch this
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