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    excellent work. I have a problem, when I import the list of colors the roster is damaged and the original colors of the game come out. Will you know how to solve it? please!
  1. great job. brother please face Freddy Galvis
  2. Looking forward to the 2006 Yankees package brother. Good memories of that great team. Thanks for taking the time to do this great job.
  3. Good evening, MVP community. I need help, I want to change the way I throw to the one that appears in the image. I have an xbox 360 control. thanks.


  4. NO hermano. You speak spanish ?
  5. Hermano todavía no lo he descargado, pero sé que siempre haces un excelentísimo trabajo. Las mejores FACE son las tuyas. Mi hermanito es súper del juego y quería saber si los bateades usan gafas al tomar su turno. Gracias!
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