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  1. If anybody feels sorry for me, lol, if you know the picture id for Manny Machado I would be grateful. So far I have gone through 731 portraits, 1 at a time, and haven't found it. I don't have the original roster with the Melky Morris guy so I'm stuck. My Manny Machado from my roster has the 784 ID. If I finally find the right one I will post it here for anyone else unfortunate like me. Thanks.
  2. Sir, is Manny Machado's portrait in this? It appears not, but I thought perhaps I had the wrong portrait number on my roster. No matter what, I really want to thank you for your hard work on this. My sincere congrats on your twins! I have my 3rd daughter coming late this month or early next. Best wishes to you.
  3. Does this mean that after today, the 9th, we can set our system clocks back to the correct date and the game *should* be fine again? I, too, have had the same problem, I have removed and re-installed my MLB 2k12 3 times today. I was about to give up until I saw the date fix in the 2k forum thread. Thanks in advance!
  4. I'm having the same problem with the Orioles. They crash in exhibition and in Dynasty mode. I'm using the standard rosters. Anyone have any idea what is wrong? Thanks in advance.
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