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  1. While expansion is still years off, I think it would be fun to bring back the Expos in the NL East without ditching the Nationals and add a Portland stadium as someone posted a fictional stadium for d/l the other day. The rosters could be filled with free agents. But given what is said here, it seems a 30 team limit is hard coded into the game.
  2. I thought someone made a pretty decent New Yankee Stadium and Target Field? However, Suntrust Field does NOT exist.
  3. Great work! I've been to 10 of the 12 Japanese stadiums and 6 of the Korean stadiums, the uniforms are spot on! But the Seibu Dome should be in the game! Someone did a mod for it.
  4. Oh, I've been following his work. He mostly does unis, right? Great stuff!
  5. Ah yes, now I remember. I think Sean O said something like he didn't have time to do fine details like nice ads once finishing the stadiums, he just did the big work. So I offered to focus on the minor details. I miss Sean O's mods :'( They were BRILLIANT! I see someone did a pretty decent job with Marlins Stadium, New Yankee Stadium, and Target Field but Sean O could have made them spot on!
  6. That is just AWESOME! Thanks for the link! I'll be having fun with those in the spring!
  7. Korea WBC classic unis if anyone wants to make them *wink* *wink* Korea vs. Japan at the Tokyo Dome in MVP would be awesome!
  8. Korean word for standings is "순위 (soonwi)" not sure if that will help but maybe it can point you in the right direction. number 52 on NC is 노진혁 (Noh Jin Hyuk)
  9. I'm really glad to have been able to introduce this game to you and I'm really glad everyone seems to be enjoying it! Yakyu Spirits certainly isn't The Show but it's good. I used to play Gamevil Baseball Superstars to kill time in the Seoul metro but as I progressed the game started to get increasingly difficult (all my pitchers fatigued to the point where the other team hit a HR every time!) I think this increased difficulty was just to make you buy things from the shop to improve your team so I quit playing. Then one day I glanced and saw a guy playing this game in the subway and thought "wow, what is this!?" This is far more realistic and enjoyable so I gave up on Superstars. There should be a new version of this game coming out in Spring, the Kia Tigers will be opening an all-new American style baseball stadium! If you ever decide to make the Korean unis for MVP that would be bliss! Back in the day, someone made the Japanese unis and a complete Japanese mod with 2 stadiums, is that still available for d/l or was that the old version of the site? Using the attributes in this game, it would be possible to make a Korea mod
  10. If you have a Samsung Galaxy to take a screengrab press the middle button next to the screen and the top right power button simultaneously and you'll hear a shutter sound.
  11. No problem. Any time you need a translation just a post screenshot I also speak Japanese, have you ever played Pro Yakyu Spirits? I also have a fun RBI baseball style rip off (even the music!) Nintendo DS game I got in Tokyo. The one on the far left (타격모드 tagyuk modeu) Is like a challenge mode to break records, more or less like a homerun derby. Second from left (친선모드 chinsun modeu) is Friendly Match Middle (대전모드 daejun modeu) Challenge Mode Play a friend online by entering their ID Second from right (시즌 모드 sijun modeu) Season Mode On the far right (스페션 모드 speshul modeu) Special Mode (not sure how to unlock it, I guess you have to complete a challenge first) Bottom buttons 나가기 (nagagi) Exit - 팀과리 (team gwanri) Team Management - 상점 (sangjum) Point Store (buy things with points you earn) - 미션 (mishun) Various challenges but I don't have time to translate all them at the moment as there are many - 랭킹 (renking) Ranking - 우면함 (upyun hahm) Mailbox - 옵션 (obshun) Options) - 게임정보 (gaem jungbo) Game Information - (헬프 helpu) Help. And you'll this often: 메인 메뉴 (Main Menu) 개임 시작 (gaem shijahk) Start Game Once you get into the game itself I'll be happy to help you out with the other buttons. I'll even translate the player names so they can be read in English Who knows, maybe we can do something in the future like an MVP mod, Korea vs Japan! Happy playing! Hey evilselig, I finally got it going with typing "dennis1971" and it let me proceed. I really hate to be a pain in the butt, but could you translate some of these key parts of the Main Menu for me; just enough to get me started to play a quick game? I can speak/understand a lot of Japanese and read some Kanji script but I am clueless with Korean. Thanks for helping me so far. -Dennis
  12. First of all, Yankee4Life thanks for the kind words, actually I don't even remember what stadiums I made mods of but I'm glad they were appreciated Dennis, You're at the pick your favorite team and make a username (Team name) stage. The message on the top right is key, it basically says "Use 8 characters if using Korean, use 16 or more including special characters if using English characters." The left of that "팀명을 입력하세요" means enter a team name. When you get past that stage I'll help you out.
  13. I don't know if it will show up in a search for download outside of Korea. Here is a link with a trailer and some photos: http://www.appannie.com/apps/google-play/app/com.gamevil.fb2013.global/ I guess they don't expect anyone outside of Korea to have an interest in Korean baseball, thus no English translation. However, the same company (Gamevil) makes a game called Baseball Superstars which is an arcade baseball-style game with a bit fantasy theme and there IS an English version. It's fun but I prefer Perfect Inning, if they made an MLB version with the same engine it would be a REAL nice game!
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