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  1. Haha, yeh, I realize it came off like I was asking for a cracked EXE but I really meant a fixed EXE because this mod changes the EXE's hex code. I wasn't able to get the hex changes to work. I didn't realize the last version has an automated way to handle this. Unfortunately, I still haven't been able to get it to work.
  2. Looks like amazing work - everytime I try to edit the .exe file, when I launch I get a securirom notice and it won't work. Any idea what I am doing wrong with the hex edit? Anyone just willing to PM me the fixed EXE?
  3. Would love to see Bryan Lahair for the Cubs. Love your Darwin Barney.
  4. Awesome! More cubs please ;)
  5. Go for it. I'm not a lawyer but considering those files have nothing to do with the exe files and can't be used without buyimg mlb2k12, what's the harm?
  6. Nevermind. I saw the file size. Thanks again for doing this. Time to start downloading some cyber faces :)
  7. Amazing! I'm on my phone right now. Do I need to download the cyber faces seoerately or are they included? Thanks so much for doing this!!!
  8. I don't think our mod guys are Cubs fans :)
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