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  1. Oh I'm still around and still amazed by all of your hard work! I've got into MLB 2k more so than MVP mods since this 2010 quote which is absolutely epic! I used to dream of sports games looking this good back in the late 90s and thanks to all of the incredible modders for somehow making those dreams possible. I definitely can't wait for MVP Baseball 1998! It's been about 8 years since I played MVP mostly because of how amazing MLB 2K has become but you'll definitely get a nice contribution from me when MVP 98 is released! I also just want to thank you and all of the other incredible modders ou
  2. Just saw MVP Baseball 2012 Korea and I still think the modded version is better! Thanks MVP Mods! You guys are the best!
  3. U R the GREATEST of ALLTIME! Thx looks so freakn awesome!
  4. U da U da Best!!! Angel stadium next please!!! Anticipation is killing me!!!
  5. Sweet upgrade! But any chance you can change the orange at&t add back to red?
  6. DJ you continue to amaze!! All of you modders are awesome keeping MVP alive!! DJ anyway you can edit a 1998 version of the murph or Q as it was in 98?? Still my favorite year of baseball nothing has ever matched THoff and hells bells even the 98 yanks were impressed. Of course Brosius hit a 3run shot off him to go up 3-0 in series but they were impressed with hells bells!
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