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  1. I dont know if people would get on this but Perhaps we could get a group of modders together to make a sort of, MVPMods Fundraiser Package. A nice little pack of mods that people could purchase for a minimum of 2 or 3 bucks + however much they can afford to donate on top of that. This could initially be a trial thing but if it works out well it culd perhaps become a yearly or even quarterly occasion.
  2. BigPaPa

    Site Issues

    Wow trues you've really outdone yourself man im loving some of the new Newsfeeds and bots. Also i don't know how feasible this is, as it would be a somewhat large undertaking but, If you server supports my sql have you thought about making a web based Database interface, PHP or even perl, that allows people to look up player IDs and Cyberface #s.
  3. BigPaPa

    Site Issues

    This i a much better overall package then dragonfly,looks pretty sweeet to.
  4. sounds like your using vista.
  5. the name of this thread is somwahat ironic considering the age of the content
  6. Since life according to the law begins several months before births does third trimester pregnant woman have the right to drive in the carpool lane. PS i got this idea from a guy who got of a DWI chage by claiming that under the law he was over 21 beause under the law his life began 3 months before he was born.
  7. i DLed it. I hvn't played too many games yet but so far so good. Accessories look great, unis look pretty dam good too. BTW i sent you a PM id like you to look at.
  8. if i had to guess its less that hes having trouble installing and more that he doesn't know how to isntall if the at is the case Clickity Click Click Here: http://www.mvpmods.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=8112.html
  9. So Would I. Hes so much more down to earth than anyone ive ever seen before. If he survives the primaries, which is now looking somewhat likely, he should be in. I do think he is a bit of an idealist, but hes down to earth, he knows what real people need, and hes smart. After a guy like bush hes just what the doctor ordered, hes Black, hes likable, and hes not afraid to let people know what he really thinks.
  10. Do the yankees magically make sub average players good? No. The statement about giving up good young players for Randy was wrong, and randy did produce in NY. However giving up 4 of your systems top 10 prospects for any on player no matter how good and then having to throw 150 million dollars at him to keep him is ridiculous.
  11. BigPaPa


    Flickr.com Google Images PhotoBucket can work too.
  12. 320 downloads

    ONLY FOR VISTA The installer installs and registers 2 DLL files related to Directx that were not included in Vista. Huge shout out to Arushan for making Oedit in the first place and providing me with the information to make it run in vista. You may still receive an error on startup of Oedit but as far as i can tell this error can simply be ignored. Some may experiance a very slow program or a Black 3d view. i am workign on resolving the other issues. If anyone has any problems and knows how to help PLEASE contact me.
  13. use The Gimp its free and with a little experimenting you should be able to follow this tutorial just the same as someone who has photo shop
  14. 1,552 downloads

    All Other Parts Of This With The Exception Of The Rays Are The Work Of The Person Who Updated It For The 07 Mod and I Claim No Credit For Any Of The Other Parts
  15. someone should also do a tut on how to add a uniform slot to a team, but not me cuz im nto to clear on this myself ive done it once or twice but it took alot of trial and error.
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