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  1. I've noticed a lot of stuttering in this mod during gameplay. The Mvp patches are not compatible with this mod. How can the stuttering be removed from the mod?
  2. Make sure to reduce your display resolution also if necessary. In the instructions it states to change it to 1280x1024. Once i did that it worked for me.
  3. Hey is anyone playing MVP14 with the 25 or 50 game schedule? Just asking because I was thinking about starting a 50 season and would to know if anyone who has played a shorten season, did you have any issues with freezing or advancing to the playoffs? Thanks in advance.
  4. What i did was took out most of the "u" files. Reduced it to about 660 mb and did a rebuilt. After that i was good to go. No problems since.
  5. Reduce it to about 660mb and see what happens.
  6. Ok thanks. I'll load this up when i get home and see what happens.
  7. Is anyone having issues with AT&T Park? I'm trying to play a home game with the SF Giants but the stadium comes up for a few seconds then crashes to the desktop. Both Day and Night games are crashing to the desktop. Can someone verify on their end that playing a game at AT&T Park is working for them. Thanks.
  8. Like the other posts stated, the Models.big file may be the culprit in your issue and what type of rig you are using. The weird thing is that in my case, my toshiba laptop with Win 7 64-bit can play the MVP14 mod with no issues. Even with the default Models.big file at 819mb. But when i try to play the mod on my Dell Desktop Win 7 64-bit, the bar will bar will go half way and the game will crash to the desktop. Now when i did some modifications to the Models.big file and reduced it to approx 660mb, the game is working flawless on my Dell Desktop now. Also if you look at other mods, the Mode
  9. Thanks for your hard work and support on these rosters.
  10. Hello, Just wondering if anyone out there has a copy of TY's short season projector file. If not, is there any other file out there now that i can use to simulate games and go straight to the playoffs? Was checking the download section but i didn't see anything there. Appreciate any assistance on this.
  11. mjeff35

    Odd Issues

    Well it looks like I found the problem. The Steam program for some reason was causing the crash to the desktop for MVP 12 and MVP 13. Soon as i uninstalled Steam, both games were working like it should. Good to go now.
  12. mjeff35

    Odd Issues

    Yeah i have to agree with Seyal. I'm recently having the same issue with MVP 12 and MVP 13. Don't know what happened because everything was good to go a month ago but now both games are crashing to the desktop. I did what Seyal did and took the Models.big file from the MVP 08 Mod and installed it into the MVP 12 and MVP 13. Both games are working now. Must be an issue with the Models.big file but I don't have the knowledge on how to troubleshoot the file. Can anyone out there who has knowledge on how to check the Models.big file please give instructions on how to troubleshoot or you can conta
  13. Yeah I do have a clean MVP 2005 install with the patch#2 but the Mod is still studdering during gameplay. All the other Mods that I have are having no studdering issues. Only this particular Mod.
  14. Hello, Haven't played the WBC Caribe 2013 Mod yet so I decided to download and install it. The game is having some major studdering problems when playing. I installed it using a clean MVP 2005 install with all patches but the game is still studdering during gameplay. Has anyone else have this problem with WBC 2013 and is there a patch out there that will fix the studdering issue?
  15. I just downloaded this Mod but once its installed it has some serious studdering issues while playing the game. Is there a patch out there that can fix the studdering issue?
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