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  1. As a 50 year old sports PC gamer, the majority of which is baseball, I have to give ALL of you the highest regards and KUDOS for all of your work on each and every mod you have uploaded. I don't like playing games on a console preferring my PC and more realistic graphics with a video card. You all have made it a dream filled with pure excitement and enjoyment when I sit down at my computer to play a game on my Tiger's schedule. How you all ever have the time to do this is beyond me? I have paid for the unlimited downloads but to be honest that is a bargain!!! Realistically, I wouldn't be o
  2. I am a 50 year old baseball fan and gamer and I joined the MVPMOD community awhile ago and have been playing a couple of seasons with my Detroit Tigers. I am quite perplexed on where to go and what to do when it comes to bringing guys up from my minor league team, among other various tasks I have tried to accomplish. Has any member made a manual or can anyone refer me where to go to have all the options of the gameexplained and what to do to accomplish it? Thank you members!
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