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  1. Damn that is a shame. Another great gone. Godspeed.
  2. There is no doubt in my mind that child did not build that by himself. His father helped him. I think it was done to get attention and they damn well knew how people would react. With the way things appear to be going, or atleast the way some people would want you to think, I'm "surprised" the police didn't just shoot him.
  3. What do you mean there? I've had the game run in crazy fastforward mode to, how did you do what you did here? Just curious for future references if it happens to me again. I am not on Windows 10 though, I use XP.
  4. He's 17, I promise you he is only thinking, with one head. And it isn't the one above his shoulders. I've sent you a copy of my copy of the game. I hope you know how to use a 3.5 in floppy. Because you are about to get 1,456 of them.
  5. I would put that thing under lock and key and remind your wife, that you will be able to sell said game to put your kids through college if you wait a few years and put it on EBAY. Or expensive jewelry if that is her thing. She might sing a different tune then.
  6. Any way you can FedEx that to 1994? I would *love you for it. *In a completely plutonic and non homosexual way.
  7. Well since we are asking for thing I'll join in too. Does anyone have a Phase 2 turbo charged DeLorean they wish to get rid of? Preferably one equipped with a flux capacitor.
  8. That is a good point to make. If and when I have children, they will never be allowed on whatever social media exist at that point. I've covered this before but I think its just an easy way to moniter us. Again all the information pertenant to building a profile of someone, is what you willingly post on them. I mean, they call it a profile that you create. It is just far, far to suspect to me. Especially when employeers want your Facebook/Twitter info ect. I had an interview the other day and I was asked about my Facebook and Twiiter. The looks on their faces when I told them I don't do that, was like the Alien from When the World Stood Still, got out of the space ship.
  9. I think you have entirely to much faith in 17 year olds. After all, they kill people everyday trying to text and drive, or selfie and drive or whatever the hell else than can think of, other than driving. Today's youth unfortunately are more sheltered than ever, they are certainly not you or I when we were 17.
  10. Perhaps, but hopefully if we can find a mod or admin we can limit the damage stupid can do. I ordinaraly would try not to use the word stupid, but a 17 year old dumb enough to post his address on the forums of a site he just joined, clearly makes wonderful use of the word.
  11. Admin you seriously need to edit this child's address out of this post. To the OP, son there are dangerous people on the internet, you don't need to post your address online. And noone gives away a game worth 100-500$. If you are lucky, someone might sell it to you, but for a price, which you can discuss in private messages.
  12. Have you checked here> http://www.mvpmods.com/forums/topic/57400-mvp-not-starting-after-windows-7-9-8-15-updates/
  13. I'm informing my scouts to keep a close eye on him. But there is word he may have trouble with the curve. On a serious note, this is why I have stuck with XP for so long. Not knocking new OSs, but it always seems like the more they update them, the more problems they cause for older games. But also on that note, BRAVO gentlemen. Bravo! Well done solving this issue.
  14. Slydude3129


    No I don't. I didn't really get into emulating till maybe around 2009ish? At that point it was mainly N.E.S games that I had as a kid. I never even dreamed until just a few years back, that I could play an emulation of old Arcade Games. Now, if only I could build a true sit down cabinet of Daytona USA or SEGA Rally, or Silent Scope! Damn, so many old awesome games from the early years of MMOs. When you opponent was in arms reach of you. Sure there was bickering and some harsh words, even fighting, but there was always respect. Back then, gaming was a "small" crowd of people, and we welcomed anyone who joined our ranks. Its mostly the same way now days, minus the respect sadly. I don't really have an "official" site that I browse and haven't done so in a bit now. And again unfortunately when I had to reformat, I wasn't able to boot into Windows to save same of that on my thumb drives. There are a large number of sites that I recall. The ones that ring a bell as being "safe" are Emuparadise, Coolrom and DopeRoms. Some have roms that others don't. Some hold to some strange idea that even though these games classify as abandon ware that they are still copyright protected. I suppose that could be debatable, of which I am not versed enough in to have a legitimate point. If Nintendo and Sega would release the entire library of these systems (NES, Master, Genesis, SNES ect) both domestic and international, on a console, or even better on STEAM, I would pay more money than I could find in order to have these. But that isn't ever going to happen sadly.
  15. You got it! Nice! A bit more manly than that obviously, and that color? Ack! Lol.
  16. Slydude3129


    Oh God the old arcade boards! I had a ton of them on this rig from MAME before I reformatted.
  17. I missed that I guess. The only thing I use this thing for is gaming or entertainment. It practically is a desktop, as it never moves unless I want to sit somewhere else with it. They do make manly satchels you can put it in. Mine came with one for free, well, after I bought 4 years worth of insurance on it. But hey good luck on your endeavors!
  18. Slydude3129


    Yea the thing about emulators is that it requires a very powerful rig to use. On this circa 06 laptop, I can run PS1 game ala the better Resident Evil games, ect. But going to PS2 will get me around 5-15 FPS, at best. That didn't stop me from playing Fight Night Round 3 for a whole career though, but that took forever. I have gotten a GameCube to work, or whatever the last real Nintendo Console was, no I don't count the Wii as a console, no I don't care. I was able to play the updated Resident Evil, but at very low FPS.
  19. Can't help you with the lady issues. Just be glad you have those issues. I'm surprised any of the outed HGHers have the testicular fortitude to show their face in a public arena. I'd have them all shot, including Mr. Ortiz here. But at least you can say, he is a true and pure DH. They do nothing, other then getting up and swinging the bat, and make a big show of it. I hate the DH, but it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Sounds like a nice machine other than the 13" screen. Jesus Iphones are about that big, I know I exaggerate but really? 13"? That might have been acceptable in 2005 when I bought this one, but this one came with 18". Yea yea 5" makes all the difference ha ha ha. When I do get my new gaming rig, it will have to be atleast 18". Sadly with the ipad craze and Microsoft doing its very best to make the most powerful computers into rinkydink little touch pads (Again I come from the generation where touching the screen, was a death sentence.) so they can say see we are like Apple. It seems like most of the laptop screen I have seen are all 15" and smaller. When I do get my new rig, I might have them uninstall the monitor it comes with, and buy a bigger one. I don't have room for some 20"+ monstrosity but 13" is way to small for me to stare at for long periods of gaming. Sadly I am so out of the loop on Intel and all the tech stuff these days. The last I can remember the duo was the biggest thing since Jesus Christ. Yea its been about 10 years.
  20. Yea nothing beats "The Opening Day". I had to explain to my father why there was this asshole on the field with Tom Brady's jersey on playing QB Thursday. He was not pleased. He doesn't even hate the Pats, or Brady. Those two "kids" should be shot. Anyone 5'8"+ 160lbs+ is no longer a child. They could have very easily seriously hurt this guy. I'm not a lawsuit fan, but this guy should sue this "kids" for so much, that they have to forfeit what little chance of Social Security they may have for their age, and be forced to work every day at Pilgram's Pride till they are 97. I come from a "religious love of football" town. In fact in the movie "Friday Night Lights", my home town, Lufkin, plays the movie team. I think its just mentioned, but yea, football big in my home town. I don't wonder at all why I love baseball so much more. Nothing pissed me off more than 3 whole "front pages" worth of high school foolball grab ass when other far more important shit went on the day before. But because it was Friday, well good luck, The President might get shot, and a nuke dropped, but how bout dem Panthers. The players of the ilk of Dez Bryant, yea he's from Lufkin, were all failing students who were passed, so they could play on Friday night. I'm not saying they are dumb, I'm saying, they never had the incentive to give one flying fuck. And I'm not talking about white students here, to those people who still wrongfully think that the south is where racism is at. These student are all black. Hell back when I was in High School, one called himself, "Super Nigger", I shit you not. Even had a "superman" like costume done up for himself. Didn't wear it to a game obviously, but out drinking, and partying, well yea. Also, underage drinking bust, by white cops, swept under the rug, because football. And all white cops want to do is kill a black dude? Give me a break. I'm a fellow All Lives Matter believer, welcome to the world of being a "racist" even though you aren't. This is the 21st century we live in. I like seeing kids listen to older music too. There was this younger girl that attended the college I used to work at. She was getting into the Beatles right when I was going through another huge kick with them. For some stupid reason, I had entirely to much fun talking with her about them, instead of you know, getting her number. I really should have done that, she was damn cute. Anyone that knows those "petite" "Texas" girls, knows what I mean.
  21. OOOooooooooooooo AHHhhhhhhhhhhhh. Very nice.
  22. Thanks for the welcome. Upon reading the first few I managed to get that feeling from them. Its to "easy" to get involved in the, "Oh you vote, blah, well fuck off," mentality, but who does that help? No one, atleast not in my book. You are right, the parties are not really that much different. Sure the things they do differ on, get blown up into huge things, but that seems to be the norm for today. "Little Jimmy had tears, sues Johnson and Johnson, details at 10." Yea I'm not one to subscribe to conspiracy theory, though I do find some of them interesting and ask valid questions, I some times wonder if these "social networks" were made as an easier way to monitor us. Hell the new Terminator movie even hints at that as *SPOILER* Skynet uses a social network like device as his way to take over."*SPOILER* Maybe that is just me being paranoid, I kind of am. I think to an extent its healthy. I mean all that necessary info, Name, ID, Location, Time of, Associates, is there to build up a profile. I mean hell that is what they call it, a freaking profile!
  23. Not to go there but as a Republican, Mr. Trump says alot of things that Republicans have harped on for years and just got put by the way side. Immigration didn't seem that big a deal last go round if I recall, which I might not. But for a long time we have contended that the 14th Amendment doesn't allow for the so called "anchor baby" phenomenon. Not to debate that but we feel that it was clearly made to insure the freedoms of freed slaves and their family's. He says alot of things that we have said. But he could use a lesson on how to be a bit more tactful. As a fellow, what people would call, asshole myself, I can understand where he is coming from. He is someone frustrated with the current elected officials of both sides. Which I think alot of people are, on both sides. I mentioned earlier how I felt America was best when her to opposing sides talk it out and find a compromise. But it seems like these days neither side feels the need to compromise. In fact, it seems now days compromise is political suicide. Each side wants to sucker punch the other so they can get the ball and run with it for as long and hard as they can. And its killing us. Kayne West, sure why not. I mean after all Ronald Reagen ran and he was just an actor. I'm not saying I'd vote for him but another part of what makes America great is, really anyone should have the chance to become President that fit the laws requirements. Only the full American people should determine who is President, not really who can and can not. What I'm saying is I don't think he has much of a chance but, so? Free entertainment for us. He always says something kind of outrageous, not unlike Mr. Trump. I'm a little disappointing that they won't be running at the same time, unless, Trump wins? And has to run reelections. I smell a new reality show. Man, I try and stay clear of all this sexual mess that has been fired up lately, or is it just me? I mean it is everywhere, everywhere. Anyways, its really none of my business what you do, and it shouldn't be. But I can't help but feel like there is some sort of "agenda", for lack of a better word, going on to really mess up the social norm of things. Like the 60's on HGHs. I don't like using that comparison as it makes it look normal for this kind of "upheaval" to occur every so often. But this? This is getting out of hand. Not to debate this either, but it appears to me, one side is trying to get back at another for so called years of "oppression". I don't have a problem with people that are different in any way. But there are some things that I don't want to know, and feel I have the right to not know about people. I'm not very open about that kind of stuff. I was never the guy that would describe in detail what I'd do to "that" as we walked right past her to a buddy. You know those guys. I've always felt its none of your damn business thank you very much. But I feel like I'm alone and watching the world tear its own head off about this, and other stuff. I'm wondering if the injuries is baseball lately are an increase in such? Are they "statistical anomalies"? From what I thought I was hearing baseball crowds were on the decrease, so the likely hood for accidents should go down. There have been far more people going to ball games in times past, and you didn't see these number of injuries or did you? It doesn't seem so to me, or perhaps we didn't hear about them? If so, does that mean we are just hearing about every little one that happens now. Not trying to say this is no tragedy, anyone dying watching baseball? If its on an increase, I think something needs to be done to help control the crowds. Watch the game, pay attention. Like no time than ever before in human history our attention span is in our lap. I don't go to movies anymore, you can't see them. 150 people with little damn flashlights going off every 5-15 seconds. Even my mother is all hooked into her I Pad. I laughed at her the other day, remember when you gave me hell for my "video game addiction"? I just pointed at the I Pad. She did not find it one bit funny. I thought it was hilarious. Yea I'm not a Brady fan either. But I didn't follow it, so I'd be talking from my fourth point of contact. Sadly people think guns do that all by themselves. Something is seriously up with people these days. I mean is it because there are just more of us now, so there are more of "ahem* them. I also agree people have learned to cry on cue. What generation started watching TV "24/7"? How old are they now? As a Republican I don't know what planet Curt is from. Baseball is mostly made up of Republicans. Sure there is alot of Republican hate out there, and its the cool thing to do now days, not to mention the shoe on the other foot. But I don't know Hall of Fame Politics, and so I can't speak for how those people are. Is it possible they could not vote for someone because of political affiliations? Sure. But again, I don't know. Perhaps he pissed some people off for some other reason? Who knows. Regardless of the validity of the claims, I face palm. What is with people and thinking the internet is some unbreakable barrier that protects them? I don't Facebook. There is nothing that ties my physical person to the web. People are crazy on here, myself included sometimes. Why do you want that being traced back to you that much easier, by putting your name, face, address, phone number, date of birth, associates, ect, all on the web, for anyone to find. Anyone. And people freak out because "anyone" can get a gun? Please. And Jesus 37 million? Great, we needed more pissed of people, I was beginning to think they were dying off. 37 million unhappy dishonest, cruel people. Damn if that doesn't tell you something.
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