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  1. Damn that is a shame. Another great gone. Godspeed.
  2. There is no doubt in my mind that child did not build that by himself. His father helped him. I think it was done to get attention and they damn well knew how people would react. With the way things appear to be going, or atleast the way some people would want you to think, I'm "surprised" the police didn't just shoot him.
  3. What do you mean there? I've had the game run in crazy fastforward mode to, how did you do what you did here? Just curious for future references if it happens to me again. I am not on Windows 10 though, I use XP.
  4. He's 17, I promise you he is only thinking, with one head. And it isn't the one above his shoulders. I've sent you a copy of my copy of the game. I hope you know how to use a 3.5 in floppy. Because you are about to get 1,456 of them.
  5. I would put that thing under lock and key and remind your wife, that you will be able to sell said game to put your kids through college if you wait a few years and put it on EBAY. Or expensive jewelry if that is her thing. She might sing a different tune then.
  6. Any way you can FedEx that to 1994? I would *love you for it. *In a completely plutonic and non homosexual way.
  7. Well since we are asking for thing I'll join in too. Does anyone have a Phase 2 turbo charged DeLorean they wish to get rid of? Preferably one equipped with a flux capacitor.
  8. That is a good point to make. If and when I have children, they will never be allowed on whatever social media exist at that point. I've covered this before but I think its just an easy way to moniter us. Again all the information pertenant to building a profile of someone, is what you willingly post on them. I mean, they call it a profile that you create. It is just far, far to suspect to me. Especially when employeers want your Facebook/Twitter info ect. I had an interview the other day and I was asked about my Facebook and Twiiter. The looks on their faces when I told them I don't do that, was like the Alien from When the World Stood Still, got out of the space ship.
  9. I think you have entirely to much faith in 17 year olds. After all, they kill people everyday trying to text and drive, or selfie and drive or whatever the hell else than can think of, other than driving. Today's youth unfortunately are more sheltered than ever, they are certainly not you or I when we were 17.
  10. Perhaps, but hopefully if we can find a mod or admin we can limit the damage stupid can do. I ordinaraly would try not to use the word stupid, but a 17 year old dumb enough to post his address on the forums of a site he just joined, clearly makes wonderful use of the word.
  11. Admin you seriously need to edit this child's address out of this post. To the OP, son there are dangerous people on the internet, you don't need to post your address online. And noone gives away a game worth 100-500$. If you are lucky, someone might sell it to you, but for a price, which you can discuss in private messages.
  12. Have you checked here> http://www.mvpmods.com/forums/topic/57400-mvp-not-starting-after-windows-7-9-8-15-updates/
  13. I'm informing my scouts to keep a close eye on him. But there is word he may have trouble with the curve. On a serious note, this is why I have stuck with XP for so long. Not knocking new OSs, but it always seems like the more they update them, the more problems they cause for older games. But also on that note, BRAVO gentlemen. Bravo! Well done solving this issue.
  14. Slydude3129


    No I don't. I didn't really get into emulating till maybe around 2009ish? At that point it was mainly N.E.S games that I had as a kid. I never even dreamed until just a few years back, that I could play an emulation of old Arcade Games. Now, if only I could build a true sit down cabinet of Daytona USA or SEGA Rally, or Silent Scope! Damn, so many old awesome games from the early years of MMOs. When you opponent was in arms reach of you. Sure there was bickering and some harsh words, even fighting, but there was always respect. Back then, gaming was a "small" crowd of people, and we welcomed anyone who joined our ranks. Its mostly the same way now days, minus the respect sadly. I don't really have an "official" site that I browse and haven't done so in a bit now. And again unfortunately when I had to reformat, I wasn't able to boot into Windows to save same of that on my thumb drives. There are a large number of sites that I recall. The ones that ring a bell as being "safe" are Emuparadise, Coolrom and DopeRoms. Some have roms that others don't. Some hold to some strange idea that even though these games classify as abandon ware that they are still copyright protected. I suppose that could be debatable, of which I am not versed enough in to have a legitimate point. If Nintendo and Sega would release the entire library of these systems (NES, Master, Genesis, SNES ect) both domestic and international, on a console, or even better on STEAM, I would pay more money than I could find in order to have these. But that isn't ever going to happen sadly.
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