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  1. Beats the heck out of me.
  2. That worked for me. Or do you mean when it shows the video in your post?
  3. Stay classy you classy person you. The only agenda I had was answering Y4L's question as honestly as I could. While He and I might butt heads, I like Y4L, and only wanted to support a thread he created.
  4. Blasphemy!!! Pardon me while I make penance for my sin of simply reading such slander! "Dear Heavenly Fore Fathers. Please forgive this lowly sinner, for I have read anti American thoughts......." Lol. Glad to hear you fixed yourself up. When in doubt, back it up!
  5. You clearly didn't read the post of mine that you quoted where I clearly explain part of my reason for who I want to win was political. And seeing as how other people where including why, without being asked to include that, I figured I would too. In fact you were the first person to respond to this thread, and you felt the need to explain why you wanted which team to win. So you set the precedent of explaining why. What I find "ridiculous"(to be polite to those of you guilty of this) is how you are the ones focusing on politics. I'm simply answering your questions on it. If this wasn't a thread to discuss politics in, then why do you continue to do so? I'm not going to run and hide in a corner when asked to explain myself. Which is all I have been doing since my initial post. All I can say, is those of you that have been so easily triggered on my post, better thank me for taking that 15 minutes I did to make it nicer than my previous 30 attempts at posting my thoughts on the matter. You surely would have all committed suicide over my unfiltered thoughts. So atleast I cared enough to water it down as much as I could while still retaining the point I wanted to make. Hell some people even agreed on some of my points. Everyone needs to relax here. Though I don't think y'all are as upset as text appears to make you out to be. Context is hard stuff online.
  6. Never said it was. But if that is an attempt to tell me what I am allowed to discuss and where, please refer to my previous post for my feelings about that type of attitude. I simply pointed out who I wanted to win, and why I wanted them to win and elaborated on those feelings. Yes part of it is political, why would I not disclose that in a discussion about who I want to win and why? Then when further pressed on that point, I elaborated even more. Oddly though, my political point seems to be what everyone wants to talk about, instead of which team I wanted to win. To be fair, they are the ones discussing politics. I simply answered the question you posed at the beginning of the thread. I won't apologize because you didn't like the answer you(not you personally) got. That I'm afraid is something people must deal with on their own
  7. Oh Lord. Next we will see colour instead of color. What have we done?!
  8. Thank you from proving my censorship point. And yet, it seems completely missed on you. Hence why I voted like I did, and will do so again. See, I frown upon being told what I can't discuss in a civil tone, which this has been. Don't see what there is to frown about unless you frowned November 9th 2016. Y4L: Clown? Well that means you lost to a clown. Meaning A clown was a better pick than your candidate was. Which makes me glad I voted for President Trump even more. Yea, I saw that live. Loved it. Dude was just mad cause he got shown up in front of his woman. I'm sure much peacocking was done after the camera cut away. Needs to work on his grip if you ask me. Made the homerun from that overrated show boat worth seeing. I wish a bird would snatch that dude's tongue out of his head. Or at the bare minimum he gets a splinter in it!
  9. I also watch Mr. Shapiro. It's easy to see why Democrats hate him, he's a successful white man who argues with facts not feelings, and doesn't apologize for being successful while white. Still, these teams, whether the players live right there or not, represent the areas they are from do they not? I mean, which team in the World Series tried to get a guy removed from the World Series over a joke? The team from an area that hates SJWs, Democrats, and their politics, or the one from the bastion of idiot Democrat SJWs who call everyone who points out why non whites (except for asians) are failing in this country as racist bigots? And you bet it's personal. Everything from my way of life, down to my skin color is under attack in my own country. If that isn't personal, I don't know what is. And I'm not going to put up with it or stand for it or be silent about my extreme disapproval of it. Being silent, is what got us in this position to begin with. Part of my frustration is that I had to take 15 minutes to censor myself, because if I didn't, I would have been censored by an admin, and I still might. And how having that done to us, because of politic or personal beliefs has bleed over into an election we won easily even with the 3 million illegal alien votes for the party that told illegal aliens to vote in that election. And that that, in turn has bleed over into the World Series. And how frustrating it is whenever a conservative injects politics into something it's "odd or weird" but the same people remain silent while the left injects politics into everything including Kindergarten level education(indoctrination).
  10. Just like ESPN has an East/West Coast bias, so does the media have a particular bias that runs antithesis to everything the middle of the country believes in. Any time someone from the middle speaks out against it they get shouted down and bullied into silence. For decades the East and West coast has been slowly stealing the wealth from the center of the country and holding it for themselves. Just look at Detroit. That was not done by accident. The "fly over states" have been looked down upon by East and West coasters for as long as I can remember. Hell the South has been looked down upon forever. Was just voicing frustration with that. Yea it bleeds into politics. If you don't know what the election has to do with the world series, I'd suggest asking the same question to ESPN. Same thing with the NFL. Same thing with Hollywood. There is one political party putting politics into everything, I hope it causes the same confusion when they do it, than when I did. Do you guys on the Coast really not know how much we verge on genuine hate towards you guys? Obviously not you guys here, but in general. The rest of the country is tired of your part of the country thinking you are better than us, and therefore you can control our lives better than we can. Just venting, as it will be another 3 years before I can cast my dream crushing vote again. And I can't wait to do it again lol. Seeing all those people crying, told me I made the right choice. I don't think you guys understand just how poorly you are perceived by everyone else. Not personally, but generally.
  11. Spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to put into words why I don't want LA or any East or West coast team to win only to remember it would probably just get deleted. And some people wonder why they lost the election. Because it's the last place we have to make you listen to us without you preventing other people from hearing us. Go Houston! Go any team from the middle of the country.
  12. Oh yea it works. Looks really nice. Will be nice to see faces in baseball that I actually know, as opposed to these days when I spend 9 2/3s innings asking, "Who the f*** is that?" But I wouldn't be me if I didn't run into some issue. I'm trying to install MVP 15, and I'm having hell with TotalInstallerThingy. Have I ever mentioned how I *hate* mods that are built around using 3rd party software that itself needs obscure 12 year old Microsoft Software to work? I followed the instructions, and TiT appeared to be working, but nothing happened. The mod was not installed. The main mod download has an explodeme in it, so I'm going to use my new work around to get those files. The only problem is MVP 15 patch 1. It's just a bundle of files and folders with "use TiT" as the install instructions, yay. No folder structure at all. I guess I could go through each and every single file and find it's clone and do that, and I most likely will, but come on. And yea, there are tons of mods. I might try out on of the 80s ones. What I would love to see is a 80s - 00s where after each Season the next batch of new players, are the actual new players that started that year in the Minor Leagues and stuff. But I have no doubt that is well and beyond anything MVP 05 is able to do. I seem to remember a problem with the game if you added too many players the whole season would crash or something? I might be thinking of something else but that would be the dream. Play through 1980 - 2010 (30 Years). EDIT: I can confirm that I can install the main part of MVP 15 with my explodeme work around I mentioned earlier. Now, just to find each and every little file to replace from the ...15 patch 1. You know, if it isn't against site rules, when I do sort out the files, I might put them in a proper folder structure and .rar/.zip them and upload it to the downloads. It's just an insane pet peeve of mine when mod devs don't bother with file structure. Just feels so lazy not to take care of, when you are already going balls out on everything else. EDIT#2: Well I'm managed to find where every single little file belongs but the cyber faces. They belong in a .big file and need to be compressed into that. Seeing as I have no idea how to do that, and I'm not downloading another 17 programs to solve this, I'm just not going to bother with it. I mean, why should I go through so much effort trying to get the mod to work, when the guy who made it put forth such little effort in the install process and making it easier for people.
  13. Yea, so, you might find this funny, or not. Anyways, I managed to install MVP 93 and make it work 100% (plus the Stadium and Uniform mod) and retain MVP 05 *and* make it install correctly. So try this one out. Remember, I had to rename my main directory MVP Baseball, instead of MVP Baseball 2005, I had already copy pasted a copy of that folder and named it MVP 93, and placed it on my desktop. Once I downloaded MVP 93, I unzipped it into a new folder on my Desktop that I named TC93. Then when I clicked on explodeme instead of telling it to extract to MVP 93 (the mod's future home) I told it to extract into a new folder I created within TC93, that I naturally named Test. Once the program completed it's little jig, *and with no errors*, I opened Test, and copy pasted all the data from there, into MVP 93's data folder, and selected overwrite. And bingo, not only does the mod work 100%, but MVP 05 hasn't been messed up like it was last time. I guess the main point is that, I had to extract explodeme into it's own folder and copy paste it that way to install it. Not that big a deal, one small extra step, but it works. Don't know where I read that at but it wasn't my idea. Should have been though, I should have thought of that.
  14. Ok this is going to sound crazy, but I changed the install directory from the standard EA SPORTS/ MVP BASEBALL 2005 TO just ...../MVP BASEBALL and now I've got vanilla MVP back. I'll go to MVP 15, I know that one works. I'll look into my install issues with 1993 at a later date. Never could find a "support thread" for 1993 mod. Anyways thanks for the company Y4L, glad to see you are still around, behave yourself, and see if you can't stomach rooting for my Astros! LOL.
  15. Ok even after rebooting my pc after complete uninstall them reinstalling didn't remove MVP 93. Maybe I need to make a thread in Classics? I don't understand why I can't uninstall the mod. What a crazy issue.
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