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  1. Put Michael Morse on any team at any level and make his contract 1 year minimum, this should avoid crashes from happening for a long time.
  2. FINALLY GOT IT TO WORK! Found this roster on some facebook page with updates all the way up to 8/2/16 and I took it and used the roster mod tool and put 25 players on each team (MLB, AAA, AA, A) 25 on the dot for every team. Works like a charm! Took a while to get all the teams done up correctly but it was worth it seeming Xbox and PC don't have any other modern baseball games. Credit for roster: https://www.facebook.com/Mlb2k13/?fref=nf August 2016.ROS
  3. when i play mode dinasty with yankees, beging playing the firts game , it crash . any solution ?. Auto set avoids crashing on default roster but with a custom roster it does not help, I also tried a bunch of other troubleshooting methods with Franchise Automation
  4. Will try, When I do I will ccomeback and give an update.
  5. I used another roster with 25 minimum, most teams actually had more and it still crashes, I've seen others posting about this but no one seems to have an answer.
  6. I am having a problem with my franchise and myplayer, whenever I try to use a custom roster from MVP mods in either of those modes the game crashes. For Myplayer it crashes during the intro movie sequence and for Franchise I can simulate and do everything up until the regular season start where I cannot progress any further because when I try it immediately crashes and puts me at my desktop. I have made a successful myplayer with the original roster that came with the game so what is the issue here? Thanks
  7. Same with me as well, it crashes when you start a franchise or myplayer using this roster but when you aren't using it the modes work flawlessly
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