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    Headtrip47 MLB and MiLB Roster Beta Release....

    I now you guys works hard to make those updates, but could anybody tell me how can I edit a roster by my own please???
  2. Frank Elier

    roster mlb2k18 05.04.18

    Could you update the schedule, put the Astros in A.L? and finally check why when you finish a series (3-games series, 2-games series or 4-games) against a team in a Franchise the players stats restart from .000 this is the main problem. And what about the faces of some young players like Yuliesky Gurriel(Astros), Andrew Benintendi and Rafael Devers(Red Sox). Thank you.
  3. Frank Elier

    2018 Rosters with 2018 Schedule

    I have to check it, but you boys are doing a very good job updating the rosters for mlb2k12. Thanks you very much.!!!. I'll commit my opinion them.