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  1. no the problem lies that all the old modders are gone. Im not bashing his hard work im just saying it dont work if you need to do what he says. we had a working roster last yr? so why not this yr.
  2. no im saying if you have to control all the teams turn off 40 man auto then the roster dont work..
  3. then it dont work...if you have to do all that
  4. dawgin2k

    LVL's TDL rosters

    Why are users sharing incomplete rosters.....or rosters that cant play in franchise mode. uploads should be for working rosters only ...not someones experimental rosters
  5. dawgin2k

    LVL's TDL rosters

    Why are users constantly uploading rosters that dont work?
  6. dawgin2k

    Headtrip47 MLB2k18 Roster Update v2...

    I dont know the point of uploading a roster that doesn't work properly.
  7. dawgin2k

    Oakland Athletics 40-Man Portraits (05/15/2018)

    what roster are you using?>>
  8. dawgin2k


    Version 1.0.0


    This was fixed by blindguy and tested Judge's stats do accumulate now has updated 2018 schedule with astros in the A.L. RosterMax.7z
  9. dawgin2k

    working roster for 2018

    Thank You