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    buddy if you could change the bottom like the brick image would be great
  1. friend braves of atlanta is one of the most awaited for the update

  2. come on friend this is mlb 2k we are looking forward to this updated global we count on you friend the mlb 2k will be excellent with that update greetings
  3. Uff, great work, friend, I am looking forward to that update. We are already in the month where the MLB passion finally begins. great friend
  4. ok friend the idea is to update it to the newest possible I hope it is ready as soon as possible I already want to play the mlb 2k with that excellent update thanks for that effort you make friends excellent work thousand blessings for you
  5. Excellent friend looking forward to that update
  6. excelente bro algo que llevamos años esperandolo
  7. amigo cuando estará disponible esta excelente te lo agradecería tengo tiempo buscando un global así con accesorios o equipamientos actualizados
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