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  1. hey Ball Four, here is what I gather up to now. the Carnavals de Québec (old team) the Aigles de Trois Rivières, the Capitales de Quebec and the Winnipeg Goldeyes. My wish is to have a package I could implement in a total classic or 2020 mod where I could play with those teams along the Edmonton Trappers, Calgary Cannons, Ottawa Lynx and Vancouver Canadian. Maybe it is a big package, hope I won't you make work too much but a lot of Canadian fans here will appreciate to play canadian ball. If you need more info or some help, let me know. Thank you and keep me posted if I can help further.
  2. oh ball four, it's ok...I ve done some research already...let me know how to contact you and I will send you what i got. please let me know by pm how we can do that and you can count on me. Thanks!
  3. Hello BallFour..For mvp 95, I don't know if you remember me I was interested in Canadian minor league teams, the Quebec Capitales, the old Quebec Carnavals, Trois-Rivières, Ottawa (new and old ones) and Winnipeg. Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver were already done here. I'd like to put all the teams in 'A' teams in one package on one game and have some Canadian ball in some of my mod. If you are interested I'll look up for as many pictures, logos and uniforms as I can get if ever you want. Have a happy new year!!! you do a fantastic job for mvpmods!!!
  4. excuse for my ignorance..haven't mod the game for awhile but where do you put the file in the game? looking in the game for a uniform file and can't find it...i'm growing too old I guess.
  5. thanks anyway yankee4life, guess I have to do with what we have..oh well...let's play ball anyway..cheers
  6. I did yankee4life. That was not my point as I have both stadiums in it. but I was just wondering if there was other stadiums that I could add to the mod. It is a bit redundant to play the same 2 stadiums. Thanks for your answer but I hope sowehere somebody did some extra asian stadiums.
  7. Hello, thought I tried my luck here. I have the mod MVP asia series and I was just wondering if anyone had asian stadiums other than the 2 they have in the mods. We have tokyo dome and another field too but I want to know if anybody out there did some more asian stadiums. I found it odd to play 2 asia series teams in Fenway Park or the at and t park. I wish I could have more asian stadiums to choose from so If anybody could help I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for your reply.
    Great job. but got a question. I only replaced the big file and did not replace the .txt file because I don't know how to do it and it work. what is the difference if I update the .txt file in datafile.big?
  8. THIS IS SO COOL!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! you made a happy camper...this is really great to play with all AAA canadian teams. I noticed you are an expos fan. So I am. It is so cool to play with the expos of my youth. Once again, thank you so much!!!
  9. Just tried the mlb 04 file for the trappers on the mlb 05 total classic 93 and it did not work using tit. The process seems to have work fine but in the game, the jerseys are not replaced. Looked around to see if it was installed somewhere and it did not. Does the file really can convert from MLB 04 to 05 or did I miss a step I have to do?
  10. oh great...will work it out...will it work using tit?
  11. already looked in the downloads...no luck...I am just trying my luck if anyone did it on their own and never posted it. There is a uniform for trapper but only for mvp 04...I don't think they would work with mvp 05 would they?
  12. Hello...looking for Edmonton Trappers uniforms for TC 98, 93 or 88...I looked in the forum and couldn't find any so I am taking a chance here to get one. I was fortunate to find Vancouver and Calgary but no Trappers. Keeping my fingers crossed and thanks in advance if you can make it happen for me. Cheers!!
  13. For the record, I choose the name 'no ball four' before registering without any idea there is a 'ball four'. Easy to recognize, I have no experience in baseball modding otherwise I would try easily to find out how to do my wish. No ball four is in fact Batman ...the one who has still no clue how to mod a baseball game. Talk to you soon.
  14. hello, Rogers centre has done an update from an ugly synthetic square-like infield to a real baseball diamond. Unfortunately, I search the forum and nobody did the update. Does anyone did the update of the infield? If so let me know where I can get it. If not, I was thinking of doing it myself but don't know how as I looked for a stadium making tutorial and there is not. Is it hard to do? I am a newbie here and downloaded a few mods I would really love to have the real Blue Jays infieled so if anyone could help, I would appreciate it. Thanks
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