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    Saludos Umachines. Te felicito los uniformes se ven muy bien ¿Se podrán utilizar en MLB2K11?
  1. nani, este uniforme está muy lindo. Te felicito
  2. I have a problem with the MVP 2005 Editor Version 0.26. I can use the team changer and projector and there is no problem, but I can not edit players. I fill the last name box but nothing appears. (Of course, with the game running in Dynasty/Owner Mode)
  3. I need help with the hi-resolution portraits for MVP. Is there any way someone can send me a hi-res ALFA image because the one I have is a low resolution which I found here a long time ago? I don't how to make it.
  4. I've tried to download the first and last name audios from the Mel Allen link TL4 but I get the following message: We're sorry, there was an error retrieving the shared file. The file cannot be accessed because the link is invalid, the share has expired, or the share has exceeded its download limit.
  5. has not set their status

  6. I've learned to create the name of the players, and would like to get the link of Mel Allen, and if possible the one from Oldtime because I want to make the names from the old players.
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