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  1. We need perfect player like you. THX.............
  2. Hello bsu-fan, post a beta-version from the roster2015, everybody can help you but your are a perfekt modder. thx stefan from berlin germany
  3. Hello, the best file, very nice, but can you make Jason Kubel from the Twins. THX
  4. Thank you, top quality the new portrait, but can you change, Marlon Byrd, Christ Stewart, Nick Punto, Skip Schumaker, Burke Badenshop, Jemile Weeks............ Where do you take the top pics. THX
  5. Can you make moore pics fpr NYY for AAA and AA and A
  6. Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you make a pic about Rich Thompson in TB und in Rich Thompson in OAK korrekt, and a pic of Josh Fiels in LAD for AAA. THX
  7. thanks for your quick answer, I use 32 bit windows 7, give it an another path to kompress dss in iff datei. Best regards
  8. very good mod, but I can not open the nba mod tool, the error massage is could not oppen the main class. But I have java install, and reinstall, and the new version..... Please help me............ thx
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