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  1. I have been working with and playing the 1988 mod quite a bit and just recently performed a default install and can confirm that Tiger Stadium crashes day / night. Attempted all jerseys, combos, different stadiums, day and night. Still crashes. If I find out why I'll be sure to report back.
  2. Great Work - I have one request The Minnesota Twins Alternate Home - cap is incorrect It is currently the "M" and it should be the "TC" Just a heads up
  3. I disagree with the blanket statement based on the fact the 2K Sports and the NBA2KX series is a phenominal franchise, in my own opinion. This game otushines them all and continues to deliver a great gaming experience year after year building and focusing on the solid core gameplay base while adding "nifty" features that do not really appeal to gamers like myself without taking away the features that keep me playing. Not to mention the open invitation for modders to to amzazing things with their game. Now this is just one genre. I cannot say the same for other genres such as Football, Baseball or Hockey. I cannot even begin to open the can of forms regarding the lack of development and creation for PC games. I will say that the advancements made in technology and the tools for developers (hardware and software) has completely outpaced the quality of the games that are developed.
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