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  1. Ok after playing the buc's i now see where none of the faces "took", neither jaso nor bell have dreadlocks (i even tried johny cueto thinking he'd have his dreads, BUT NOPE, no dice) and cervelli looks no different after all???
  2. Nice, as it does come in handy for sure.
  3. Just checked it, now i could of maybe seen josh bell on there but then NONE of them are on the spreadsheet to my surprise???
  4. I think your thinking i was asking for their portraits when i actually need their id #'s
  5. Could use a few for the pirates, Francisco Cervelli, Josh Harrison, John Jaso & Josh Bell
  6. Can i get confirmation on this MVPEdit??? Can this change african americans arm color to correct skin tone but not change the african american players face???
  7. I dl and installed one of the newer custom rosters and "most" of my mlb and AAA rosters are correct but some of the african american players show up with "white are" as in caucasion. How can i change a player to show the correct skin tone and can this be done "without" removing the players head so they match up correctly with the same skin tone on head and body???
  8. Where and how do i place cyber faces and portraits at, old player coming back to the game after a long time away from the game. Can't remember how to do this and where to place the files??? Thanks in advance.
  9. I am having the same exact problem, reinstalled after not playing for quite awhile and this same exact thing happens to me (with disc in tray)???
  10. Ohh ok, sweet. Thx aceshigh, can't wait to try it!!!
  11. Don't see any link to file dl???