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  1. Ouch, tough break buddy. Looking forward to see what you do with whichever team you hop to for "next year."
  2. Time to take it off rookie...mr "rookie"
  3. For V-Day we have decided to take our daughter to see the Lego Movie.
  4. - I once bought a pack of sharpies, and the cashier at Wal*Mart jokingly said, "Are you sure you are 18?" followed up by the lady behind me jokingly saying, "I don't think he issss." I proceeded to say I was 10 years older than that and the Wal*Mart cashier said I was old because she herself was only 19 - It doesn't surprise me that the parachute accident happened in Texas. - I too could care less about the Winter Olympics. Especially when the ESPN bottomline ruins results before they are on TV. - Having food poisoning sucks. I felt like I was vomiting my insides out yesterday and think I was out of bed for about 1 hour the entire day. And most of that was standing over the toilet. - I was one of the people that watched the Super Bowl all the way through. The person hosting it had 5 people back out of coming that day after they went through the trouble of preparing food and everything. I wasn't going to leave early. - I've taken up the hobby of billiards. Me and my buddy usually go every Friday or Saturday night. We haven't been in 2 weeks, and probably won't go for another 2. I lead 2014 overall by 5 games. I hope the time off from playing doesn't effect my game any and let him catch up. - Due to the ample amounts of free time I have at work, I purchased a Nintendo 3DS XL last week. I must say, it's a pretty cool little device. I can't usually play games in 3D for too long though before I start to get a headache. - Valentine's Day is this Friday. Me and the wife aren't doing anything nor am I getting anything for her. I hate stupid "holidays" like that.
  5. Very cool. Been so long since I've modded uniforms, but, can the sock color be altered? Looks a little funny with black socks instead of the navy blue...Unless they are navy blue and I'm just blind as a bat.
  6. Huell Babineaux from Breaking Bad
  7. Anytime the Angels lose is a good thing...Even if it's the Yankees beating them
  8. A few from MLB 13: The Show Andrus getting ready to swipe a base from King Felix: Beltre about to blast his 3rd HR of the night off of King Felix:
  9. Not here to start any arguments, but, it was later revealed that the runner was in fact penalized for "excessive" celebration due to the fact that he was throwing his hands out in front of him celebrating after he crossed the line. When that happened, the official raised the red flag. It was after the red flag that the runner pounded his chest and pointed up in the sky. It was also mentioned in the competition meeting between all athletes, their coaches, and officials that any form of celebrating would be an instant disqualification. It was just the media jumping the gun and reporting about something before any actual news came out about it. The runner and his family were embarrassed by the way everything was portrayed. Especially since the official that rose the red flag is an active church member and someone the family knows very well.
  10. Hey, I heard that Chris Ravage guy, was a beast!!!

  11. your so dam quiet anymore, its crazy.....whats up Ravvy? I know we are still bros, but you never talk much.

  12. . . .Great...Halloween is Friday. . . . . .I hate Halloween. . . . . .My girlfriend is making me go to some stupid Halloween Party...THE DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN...WTF?. . . . . .I'm being Clark Kent. . . . . .I don't want to be Clark Kent. . . . . .Speaking of AC/DC. . . . . .I am pissed off at Sirius Satellite Radio. . . . . .They took the Punk Rock 29 Channel away. . . . . .And turned it into AC/DC Radio. . . . . .AC/DC sucks. . . . . .The Giants play the Steelers today. . . . . .It'll prolly be a good game. . . . . .But the Giants will lose :sad face:. . . . . .The weather in Texas has been good. . . . . .Not to mention the gas prices. . . . . .I paid $1.98 on Friday. . . . . .God Bless QT in Burleson for being so cheap. . . . . .God Bless the stockmarket going down so hard. . . . . .That's the reason for cheap gas...seriously. . . . . .My little brother's birthday is tomorrow. . . . . .I already got him Fable 2, and he beat it. . . . . .But tomorrow I am also giving him a pair of Skull Candy headphones. . . . . .They are the best headphones I have ever used. . . . . .I have also been listening to AFI's "Sing the Sorrow" album. . . . . .I forgot just how great of an album it is. . . . . .That is all for now. . . . . .Getting ready to run errands. . . . . .Bye guys. . .
  13. First of all, thank you. Secondly, nope, just go with the flow. I hate requesting specifics because I feel it takes away from the person's creativity.
  14. You know andrewdon...People prolly wouldn't give you so much shit if you didn't treat this graphic design stuff as a joke...As a professional graphic artist, I found it to be quite insulting when you said, "Here is my first wall lol." That lol remark shows that you know it's a nasty piece of work but then when someone criticizes your work, by telling you WHAT TO ADD AND WORK ON (not telling you how crappy it was or bashing it), you go on a f*cking tirade. So ya know, maybe if you didn't take this stuff as such a joke, you'd actually get decent criticism.