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  1. Only Get 8 Batting Slots In Mvp Edit

    i was almost positive that when you selected 'use dh for both leagues' that 9 hitting slots showed up in the nl portion of mvpedit because i always set the dh for the nl too using mvp edit
  2. Only Get 8 Batting Slots In Mvp Edit

    didn't know i was going to be jumped for just making a simple comment. all i said was it worked for me last year. glass doesn't answer emails or messages, so i just thought i'd see if anybody here had an answer. sorry
  3. Only Get 8 Batting Slots In Mvp Edit

    it always worked before when i used mvp edit in past years.
  4. Only Get 8 Batting Slots In Mvp Edit

    when i open my mvp edit and want to set up the lineups vs lhp & rhp, it only shows 8 slots instead of 9 in the vs nl lineups. i have dh listed for both leagues in the game, but only 8 slots are shown in mvp edit. i've used mvp edit in years past and didn't have that problem before. i'm using mvp14 total conversion mod.
  5. Mvp 13 Crashing

    still can't get mvpedit to show portraits. i clicked 'import', data, etc and the roster opens up, but no portraits. i clicked the 'tools', 'options', made sure the top 2 boxes were checked, even tried with all 4 checked, and clicked 'database', but still no portraits. just says, searching for pictures, no pictures found
  6. Mvp 13 Crashing

    that did it homer, thanks. i set up a al and a nl profile, played an exhibition and it went fine, simmed 10 games in each and they went fine. the only thing now that would make me happier than a pig in you know what is to be able to play 1-pitch mode like i used to. someone else mentioned it will only work in manager mode, but that doesn't give me an option there. i was positive that it was a mod, but i can't remember who put it out, because i always played cpu vs cpu 1-pitch mode. again, thanks for your help. i haven't tried to see if the faces come up in mvpedit, but i'll try
  7. Mvp 13 Crashing

    will do.
  8. Mvp 13 Crashing

    i do have a working install and played fine with the initial game with the default rosters - it's when i install mvp13 that causes the problem, but anyway, i re-installed the game and patch 5 (using windows 7 64) and installed mvp13. i didn't want to try playing or simming a game yet until i make sure i'm using the right rosters. the first time i installed mvp13 and set up my dynasty, i selected to use the default roster because i figured that's the way mvp13 was set up - using their roster as the default roster.
  9. Mvp 13 Crashing

    i'll try it one more time. i completely uninstalled mvp2005 and the file in the my documents folder, re-installed mvp2005, re-installed patches 1-5, re-installed mvp13, and made sure portraits.big, models.big, and all stadiums were in the game directories etc and set up my profile and option preferences in the game, but before i try to set up a dynasty, i need to know is when it asks if i want to use the default rosters or not, do i select yes or do i select no. i shouldn't assume, but i'm assuming the mvp13 rosters are now the default rosters and i should choose yes
  10. What Folders Do The Extracted Files Go Into

    been a long time since i did anything with this game, but thought i would try it again. when i played the game, i saved the franchise, but don't see a 'saves' folder anywhere in my documents or in the game folder. you mention for windows 7 to go to start/user/appdata/roaming/2ksports/majorleague2k11/saves. i also saw a post the mentioned to install a slider mod in start/user/appdata/roaming/2ksports/mlb2k11/saves folder and i don't see anything that shows appdata, roaming, or saves
  11. Cpu Only Mode

    is there a way to have cpu vs cpu mode for both teams. i'd like to set the lineups and game options, then just watch the games without having to do any controller selections. also, is there a way to do a one-pitch mode, get rid of the pre-game warmups, etc
  12. Game Intro Is Driving Me Crazy!

    i'm having the same problem - i'd like to kill the music completely, but the only sound settings i see are the in-game sounds
  13. Mvp 13 Crashing

    i did find my saved mvp2005 stuff in the documents folder. thanks. i went through every folder in the game with windows explorer and i didn't find models.big in any of them. also, when i went through each folder, i noticed there were only 4 stadiums listed in there. i'll try to play a game with one of those stadiums to see if that works
  14. Mvp 13 Crashing

    i can't find markb faq anywhere on the site. i've typed in faq, mark b, looked in the forums, looked on help, looked on mvp. where is this post
  15. Mvp 13 Crashing

    i'll look up and print MarkB's faq list like you mention, but i've checked and unchecked every combination in mvp edit and i've tried data, database, etc.