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  1. i've followed the instructions in this thread and now it seems as though the 'explodeme' worked fine and when i put tit in the game directory and did mvp12 and all of the patches for mvp12, it seemed to install those fine and had me insert both game cd's. i thought everything was fine, but when i went to play the game, the same old loading screens came up. the reason i haven't played this game in such a long time is that i never could get the conversion mods to work - going back to mvp08. i've never had any problem getting the roster, stadiums, portraits, etc to work, just can't get the conversion mods to work. also, when i did the 'explodeme', i copied the data folder into the main game directory and overwrote all of them, but it still loaded up the old screens and still brought up my old saved dynasty and rosters even though i did a 'power uninstall' and got rid of everything pertaining to mvp2005 before i did a clean install
  2. i'm using windows 7 64 bit. i installed a clean version of the game and patches 1 & 2. the game opened fine and i simmed 10 games and saved it. when i tried to install mvp15 from winrar, it kept giving me access denied error messages. i then copied mvp15 into the game directory and tried 'explode' both by double-clicking it and by right-clicking and selecting run as administrator. it kept giving me something like cannot open as archive error messages. when i tried using tit, it unpacked the mvp15 and explode.exe and seemed to ok (except that, as usual when i use tit, it freezes on the 'installing textures and files' screen. i thought being tit unpacked the mod, patch 1, the end of season 2016 roster, that it would be ok, but when i clicked to open the game, i got the same old mvp2005 loading screens and menus and not mvp15. i'll try downloading 7-zip and using that to see if that works
  3. i put tit in the game menu and it said it unpacked the files. then it does it's usual and sticks on the 'installing textures and files' and the only way to get out of tit is to click 'ctrl-alt-del'. i installed mvp15, mvp15 patch 1, and end of season rosters with tit and they all showed that they unpacked, but when i opened the game, i had the same old 2005 welcome screens, not mvp15. when i try to double-click 'explodeme' i get an error message saying it can't open it as an archive
  4. no, i have it in a different folder. also, when i try to install the 2016 end of season rosters dat files into the data/database folder of the game, it keeps giving me 'access denied' error messages. i'll put tit in the game folder and try from there and let you know. thanks
  5. i'm having problems installing anything for mvp2005. i did a clean install of the game and installed patches 1 & 2. the game worked fine. no matter how i try to install mvp15, it keeps telling me it can't open the files as archives - both when trying to extract from winrar and just copying to a folder, clicking on 'run as administrator', etc. i've tried installing this and other mods with tit and it just gets to the screen that says installing textures and files and doesn't ever get past that screen. i've gone into the game and selected 'properties' and tried different settings there too
  6. i'm not sure if i'm doing the tit utility right, but when i install any mods or patches using the .exe command with the download, it installs in 2-3 seconds, but when i install these same downloads with tit, it takes forever. i get the "wait, textures and files are installing' and that stays on forever (i finally have to end the program after waiting 7 minutes
  7. see my reply on gordo's post, but i wanted to thank both you and gordo for the help
  8. thanks, i'll try that. originally, i downloaded a file that had patches 1 thru 5 and installed them. i'll just try the 1 thru 3 as you suggest and i'll let you know the results
  9. no i didn't because everything i've read on these posts said to install the patches before installing mvp15mod. as for the bad forum etiquette comment, i DID do searches on the support forums and checked all tutorials before i made this post
  10. i did a clean install of mvp2005 on windows 7 and downloaded and installed patches 1 thru 5 and installed the mvp2015 'explodeme.exe' as administrator and i can't get the game to start. when i click on the mpv2005 icon, i get a "access denied" "please log in with administrative privileges and try again" i've right-clicked the icon and selected "run as administrator" and tried again with the same results. let me know what i've done wrong before i uninstall and re-install the game. is it the patches that are causing the problem?
  11. probably a dumb question, but will the mlb2k15 mod and the mods for mlb2k12 work with mlb2k11? i have mlb 2k11 pc dvd and i think it's ridiculous to pay $109 for mlb2k12 pc dvd. i can't find any current rosters for 2k11 on this site, only 2k12 files, editors, etc. i have a digital download of mlb2k12. i also have mvp2005 with the current mods but never could that to load right or work with the mods so i'm trying to get the 2k versions to work
  12. i can't download reditor II it keeps telling me "the archive is either damaged or an unknown format". norton blocked it the first time, but i enabled it and it still won't open. the icon doesn't show it as a full winrar either - it has the whiteish icon border which usually means the download isn't complete. i also need a tutorial on this if i can get the download to work
  13. no matter what i do, when i click on 'explodeme.exe' and try to extract into my that's in the c:\program files and also c:\program files (x86) mvp2005 folder, i get the following message: "can't open file c:\program files\easports\mvp baseball 2005\explodeme.exe as archive. i've gone in the explodeme and unchecked 'archive' i've tried to extract to. i'm using windows 7 64 bit. rranger@frontier.com lee
  14. i've done this and still get the same error message: "can't open file c:\program files\easports\mvpbaseball 2005\explodeme.exe as archive