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  1. Only Get 8 Batting Slots In Mvp Edit

    i was almost positive that when you selected 'use dh for both leagues' that 9 hitting slots showed up in the nl portion of mvpedit because i always set the dh for the nl too using mvp edit
  2. Only Get 8 Batting Slots In Mvp Edit

    didn't know i was going to be jumped for just making a simple comment. all i said was it worked for me last year. glass doesn't answer emails or messages, so i just thought i'd see if anybody here had an answer. sorry
  3. Only Get 8 Batting Slots In Mvp Edit

    it always worked before when i used mvp edit in past years.
  4. Only Get 8 Batting Slots In Mvp Edit

    when i open my mvp edit and want to set up the lineups vs lhp & rhp, it only shows 8 slots instead of 9 in the vs nl lineups. i have dh listed for both leagues in the game, but only 8 slots are shown in mvp edit. i've used mvp edit in years past and didn't have that problem before. i'm using mvp14 total conversion mod.
  5. Mvpedit Help

    i also need help importing rosters into mvp edit. i had all of the mods and tutorials 6 or 7 years ago and really enjoyed this game. when i moved, i tossed out all of my mod tutorials, best slider settings, etc, but now i want to get back into the game. i'm running windows 7, installed a clean version of mvp2005, then patch 6. i ran the game and everything worked fine - simulating and playing. i then installed mvp13, but haven't tried playing it yet, but the first time i tried this, it crashed. i opened mvpedit and clicked files-import-dat files and it keeps giving me a screen to click a file- i opened mlb2005 datadatabase and clicked on the mvp13.mbe and instead of importing it into the mvpedit, it asks me if i want to save it and if i click yes, it asks if i want to overwrite the file. before this last clean installation of the game, i could get into the roster, but it didn't show and portraits. i checked all of the forums and utilities to try to find the tutorial for mvpedit and some of the mods i liked to use before - like the one pitch mode, but can't find them. any help would be appreciated