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MVP 15 Season Ending Rosters (3 versions) 1.0.0

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About This File

  • Primary changes are contact/power adjustments to all prominent MLB players (70+ plate appearances).
  • Some hot/cold zones that were overly flooded were randomly changed (i.e., too many hot or cold squares next to each other).
  • Pitching rotations/bullpens updated per RotoWorld (and Roster Resource); pitchers called up adjusted where necessary; no MLB reliever has stamina > 30, except for LR's.
  • Second version available with HR % zero'd out.  I sincerely think the CPU teams will still hit HR's based on various factors, including how you pitch to them.

These have been tested successfully with injuries, suspensions and trades turned OFF.  Turning any of those on risks game freezing.  (By the way, the Angels won the simulated World Series).

*Patches for these rosters found here:  http://www.mvpmods.com/forums/topic/57371-mvp-15-end-of-season-rosters-patches/

They simply provide 1B mitts for Canha, Colabello, Morse, Bour and Travis Shaw.

*CPU v CPU rosters added!


I am 100% sure this will be my last roster for the community.  Sincere feedback would be appreciated. 

It's been a pleasure helping you guys out with these.

Play Ball!


~~~Gordo (originator of Base Up! Rosters)



What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Thank you, Gordo.

I just started around these parts (first post). Thank you for helping me rekindle a love for a terrific game. Thank you to all who have contributed to this site--so glad I found it. 

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As Oscar and Y4L mentioned, we need more stars for your work, I hope your message means this is your last roster only for this season. 

One  question:  what is the difference between your end of season roster and the cpu v cpu roster?


As we say in Costa Rica Pura Vida!

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Gordo, your work is appreciated. 10/10 stars

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With all the upgrades we have had on this site it is too bad we couldn't increase the rating system here to give ten stars to people who really deserve it. If that were the case our man Gordo would have received ten stars with this latest mod. I don't know what roster version I am going to try out first so I grabbed all three. All I know is that like his previous work this will be well worth it.

Thank you for all your hard work on these rosters over the years.

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Thanks old boy.....You are the best in this....Thank You again...:hi::drinks:

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I dont understand why so many minor league teams are undermanned..  The Isotopes and other teams dont have a complete pitching staff..  Are these rosters just updated MLB teams?  Were the Minors overlooked?  I was going to go back and locate all the pitchers and players for the minor leagues and put them how they are in real life, but this is just to big of an ordeal.. Sorry Gordo, the MLB rosters are great, and very appreciated, but nobody can play a minor league team as they are all screwed up. I have the end of season rosters by itself, no cpu v cpu or hr pct...  Is there a difference in the 3, or are they all the same personnel-wise?

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It's nice, thanks. But it will crash after a game with mvp mode15. It's work at mode08

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