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Recapturing a Dynasty: A Yankee Story


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I will begin a new owners/dynasty mode with the Yankees. I will be progressing with the successes of my team, and I hope you can all follow me as I rebuild this team and make it from being one of the oldest to one of the most effective and (just a bit) younger teams in baseball.

Game 1 begins at 10:30 PM tonight vs. Schilling and the Sox

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I am thinking of these possible deals.

I will trade away Randy Johnson for two prospects with great potential, or another bona-fide ace. Possible candidates can be Halladay, Santana or Hudson. I know he's old but you know, I gotta move him.

I will also trade away my entire outfield as well as Bernie in exchange for a more speedier and semi-powerful OF. Sheffield not included.

I will try and trade some of my defunct RP's especially gordon for some more powerful relief corps. I am looking in Kansas City's direction, as well as Milwaukee. :)

I am going to trade away Giambi for Sean Casey or trade him away for Huff or another developing first baseman/corner player, such as Texiera or Blalock. If I do indeed get a third baseman in a deal, I will try and move Jeter, as much as my heart doesn't want to, it's for the good of the team. I will shift A-Rod to short and the 3B will play.

Cano, Cano, Cano. I dunno what to tell you guys.

Most of my rotation stays, but I want to fill it with young guys. I'm looking at Kazmir, as well as trading for Livan Hernandez, etc.

More news along the way. I couldn't get the first game in, damn roster...


Go Yankees! :mrgreen:

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Opening Day Woes

Opening Day loss may determine the direction of the club


The Yankees played last night against the defending World Series champs, the Boston Red Sox and brought their A-game on the field. However, their defense was not a problem, outstanding plays by the middle infield with Cano and Jeter highlighted the mighty defense today, but this mighty defense could not help Randy Johnson get his first win of the season.

Here's what Torre had to say:

"You know, this game was just a nail-biter. You could never be sure as to who was going to draw first blood. (Matsui) He hit an abosolute blast that just kept going and unfortunately it couldn't motivate our team"

However the offense was just abysmal, going 8 for 32 as a team during the game. "The players will figure things out tomorrow", Torre says. As for the players, we spoke with Jeter and this is what Jeter had to say:

Well, *chuckle* they beat us. There's not much you can say about that. They beat us fair and square. We tried to get a lead but we could never get around to score on anything other than Matsui's homerun. We can't trust the longball to win games for us because if we were to go in a massive slump we won't be going anywhere.

Johnson absolutely stymied the Red Sox offense with 7Ks on 5 hits, the only run scored being a homerun by "Big Papi" David Ortiz, which we can safely say ruined the confidence of the Yankee club. Gordon came in to relieve Johnson and was a huge letdown for the club, letting the Red Sox score 2 more runs on a shot by Payton and an RBI single for Ortiz.

Sheffield, one of the more outspoken guys on the clubhouse had this to say after the game:

"Yeah we lost, but we comin back tomorrow, feel me? We gonna come back tomorrow with our A-Game, our game faces, and a crapload of other sports adjectives and we gonna kick they ***, this time for real. People think we just a bunch of underachievers and can't play baseball as a team. We gonna prove em wrong. Word."

Who knows what the next game may hold?

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I don't agree with you dismantling your entire team. It's just not realistic. Yeah, you can move one or two guys but not the whole team. It wouldn't be the Yankees.

Yeah but what IS realistic is me trying to make them contenders instead of pretenders in the near future. Players retire, remember, and I don't have any young guys on my team other than Jeter A-Rod, Cano, Pavano, Matsui, Wright and Wang on my roster.

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KC I would not dismatle the team right away either. But I do agree with a slow approach. I feel the only way to bring the Yankees back to the way they were (in real life too) is to bring guys from AAA up this year like Wang and Cano. Then when offseason comes don't resign anyone that didn't come up with the Yankees minor league system. If you keep doing this every year the Yankees will become more balanced and return to the greatness they once had.

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Would it be possible for you to post a line score of each game? That would be kind of cool. The innings by innings, runs, hits, and errors.


Bos - 000 002 100 - 3 9 0

NYY - 020 000 002 - 4 8 1


Game 1 - Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees


Bos - 000 000 210 - 3 9 0

NYY - 000 100 002 - 1 8 1

W: Curt Schilling (1-0)

L: Tom Gordon (0-1)

S: Keith Foulke (1)

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Carl-apalooza shines in Pinstripes Debut

Pavano shines as Yanks beat Sox in part deux


Game 2 - Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees


Bos - 010 000 300 - 4 12 0

NYY - 003 030 002 - 6 10 1

W:Carl Pavano (1-0)

L: David Wells (0-1)

S: Mariano Rivera (2)

NEW YORK - As our news crew approached the Yankee clubhouse, we ran into Sheffield, who was listening to his iPod prior to gametime. "I'm feeling good, most of the team is in good spirits and they're eager to kick some ***, ya know? We just waitin to get out there and show them that we run New York." We could only hope that he stuck to his word.

And he did. Pavano hurled a great game, with 8 strikeouts in only 6 innings of work. In his effort he managed to hold the powerful Sox offense to 4 runs, with a combination of Groom and Gordon shutting down the Sox' bats to open the gates for Rivera to get his first save of the season. Too bad Wells could not do the same, as he was unable to hold the Yankees' explosive offense, with Sheffield, A-Rod, Jeter, Matsui and Bernie Williams hitting their first homeruns of 2005 here at Yankee Stadium. Sounds like a slugfest, doesn't it?

"Well I guess it's safe to say that we clicked on all 4 cylinders today. We put on our game faces today and kicked some butt," says Bernie Williams, who lead the offensive attack today with 2 RBIs next to Hideki Matsui. We hear Jeter laughing in the background saying that it was Bernie's guitar playing that put him in high spirits today. We can't help but chuckle.

Looks like this "business" based team are actually a bunch of pranksters behind the clubhouse, as Cano storms the clubhouse in a rage, wondering who switched his mini-disc player with songs from the Backstreet Boys and NSync...

Torre was more than happy today, as he was happy to see his team come back together after a humiliating opening day loss to the Red Sox, saying that "Jeter has been showing the vets here how to have fun instead of being so serious all the time. He's shown all of us that baseball is more than just a sport."

Indeed it is.

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Let me tell you something. If Ortiz hits against me, he's going to feel it the next time he comes up. I'll drill him right in the head. Do that next time KC.

Even if its a single? :lol: :lol:

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Good luck, KC. What's your starting lineups and rotation?

And are you trading away Hideki too? No...you couldn't be... 8O

I'll see what comes up when I try to go for a playoff run...My starting lineup and rotation, I'll post it momentarily.


Kc what kind of card u have? or resolution or sutiin

ur game's graphics looks fantastically realistic

Photoshop works wonders.

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