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What stadium are YOU working on? (7-1)

Royal Blues

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OK, here's the deal. Hopefully to iron out any confusion on what's out there and who's working on what, I say we use this thread for everyone to let their voice be heard as far as what stadium(s) they are working on. Also, I'm thinking of keeping an updated list of any modded stadiums. I know some that have been done recently have been done before without OEdit...I'm only going to list the ones done with OEdit rather than have those stadiums listed under both categories.

Trues, could this thread be stickied, perhaps?

Modded stadiums (pre-OEdit):

Busch (Pirate)

Comiskey (SerialMike)

Comerica (SerialMike)

Coors (Pirate)

Edison (SerialMike)

Hiram Bithorn (Pirate)

Kauffman (SerialMike)

Miller (Pirate)

Metrodome (SerialMike)

Network Associates (SerialMike)

Olympic (Kamasutra)

Pro Player (Pirate)

Safeco (SerialMike)

Sky Dome (SerialMike)

Tropicana (SerialMike)

Turner (Pirate)

The Ballpark in Arlington (Jamcadbury)

OEdited stadiums:

Angel Stadium - day (HaloFan)

Bank One (Craig)

Citizen's Bank (Pirate)

Dodger (CaliColts)

Fenway (EZorn)

Great American (Jpup)

Jacob's (Pirate)

Minute Maid (EverDever)

Oriole Park (Big O)

Petco (Pirate)

PNC (Pirate)

Shea (Renegade)

U.S. Cellular/Comiskey (Pirate)

Wrigley (Trues)

Yankee (Y2K and Hyman)

Stadiums being reworked in OEdit*:

Angel Stadium - night (formerly Edison - HaloFan - Click Here)

Busch (boricuapapi1885 - Click Here)

Kauffman (Royal Blues and rspencer86 - Click Here)

Olympic (Big O - Click Here)

Pro Player (Anthony13 - Click Here)

Tropicana (bigguns - Click Here)

Turner Field (PoisonMaddux - Click Here)

*Note: I didn't list the ones that already have v1.0's up. Those threads should be easy enough to find.

If I'm missing any, please let me know, and I'll update the list.

As for me, I'm currently working on Kauffman with rspencer86. Thanks to jpup, we're about to get off the ground with OEdit. You can check out progress HERE.

(Ryan, I'll see you on AIM soon bud...work's been killing me again)

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Good deal Big O...I was wondering how Olympic was coming along, but I couldn't find the thread :oops:

If everybody feels up to it, maybe include a link to your thread too.

Trues, it's not too big a deal, and it may be something on my end. I had to go back to my low-end machine (dropped form 2.4 to a 733) because of processor/motherboard conflicts :?

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I find it awesome that now every single ML stadium has been modded in some form or another. Hats off to all the stadium modders for their hard work (myself included ;))

Edit: Victimlas did SBC Park without OEdit, it's a solid stadium even without the use of that technique. It's on BBSC and here.

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Would it be possible for the stadium modders to release a stadium-datafile update with their stadiums to fix the lighting problems for night games (and in some stadiums, day games) in their stadiums? While I know it's not a problem in every stadium, it is for several. And while so much work has already gone into the beautiful stadiums (I've downloaded every one), I think the lighting is an issue that's being overlooked.

Just a thought.


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Not to lynch the thread, but this is a great idea. I've been lying low waiting on rosters and trying to get five minutes to breathe around work and buying a house and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed to figure out which stadiums had been done, which ones might have an oedit, etc.


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The work you guys do is great. I notice there is a lot of interest in people doing "Old time" or classic rosters......

Would anyone be interested in adding to our Old Time stadiums?

We could use night versions for Ebbets, Polo Grounds and Classic Yankee stadium--also a old time version of Fenway would be nice.

Just thought it might be something for you guys to tackle after all the modern day parks are up to speed.... :)

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Guest Deznuts

I am now going to start on ComiskeyV2.0 or US Cellular. Either way the South Side Park

SWEET!!! And it's "U.S. Cellular Field"...



Here are all the U.S. Cellular Field photos you will ever need...


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Guest Deznuts

You realize U.S. Cellular has already been done? Check under Downloads...it's the next best thing to perfection :D

I know, but Pirate said he is going to do a Version 2 of it. Version 1 is almost perfect but I assume he is going to try to add the retired players on the left field wall and other ads on the walls. So I linked to a bunch of high quality pictures taken at the Cell this season to help him with Version 2. I've been to the Cell a few games this season and Pirate's Version 1 is almost perfect. It's a hell of a lot better than EA's garbage attempt.

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Ahh, ok. Take a look at the date of his post (6-19) and then check out the date the stadium was uploaded...7-2. I'm not sure if he's planning on a v2.0, or if he had previously done it, but I think he was referring to the current one in that post.

I know he was trying to get CaliColts to take a look at it, seeing as how he had done a great job with the retired players on the walls of Dodger Stadium, but I don't know where that's gone.

However, I do know Pirate is planning on Miller Park next (I think...may be another one before that.)

Pirate, any answers on this one? ;)

EDIT: Another thing I almost forgot about...if I remember correctly, Pirate had said he got a new job, so most of his stadium modding time may be going out the window...

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